Accountable Care Organization Solutions

Closing gaps in patient care and managing risk

The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is one of the most exciting emerging models in the healthcare industry. ACOs work towards ensuring that all patients are receiving the right care at the right time, while providing the most efficient cost of service ever. This ambitious model requires strategic partnerships to prove and maintain value.

Together, we can build a bright future for your medical practice!

Talk to a PRO

ACO PRO by Healthmonix is a platform to track and report the 18 GPRO Web Interface (WI) reported quality measures that help CMS determine an ACO’s pay-for-performance rating. With years of experience tracking measures and reporting to CMS, we provide assurance that this all-important data will be reported accurately and expediently. In addition, our experience developing performance improvement tools helps aid ACOs to maximize the outcomes achieved and reported.

Optimization Consulting

Healthmonix consulting team helps healthcare organizations like yours by discovering critical issues and creating tailored, actionable solutions. All focused on increasing profitability and improving patient outcomes.