Transition Your Health System To Value Based Care with Healthmonix

Expanding trust in communities served and increasing profitability

Our platform enables hospitals and health systems to consistently measure, monitor, improve and report clinical quality across all clinical domains within the entire enterprise.

Healthmonix offers complete integration with your management systems and optimizes your reporting regardless of what EMR/EHR is used by the care provider. Our interoperable solutions help you satisfy all your reporting needs with almost zero impact on your clinical workflow.

Health Systems face a challenging transition as the healthcare industry shifts from fee-for-service to value-based payment. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) anticipates that by 2020, 50% of revenue that is earned by Health Systems will come through value-based payment.

Healthmonix captures and interprets your outcome data seamlessly, to drive improvement, and to ensure growth to your bottom line throughout your transition to value-based care. Years of experience working closely with health systems has perfected our lean approach to healthcare quality improvement without losing sight of all important organizational goals.

Watch your vision spring into life as a Healthmonix Optimization Consultant guides you and your team efficiently through the implementation of your quality improvement plan.

Our robust onboarding support team includes both business and operations strategy, as well as deep IT support.

Talk to a PRO

We know that health systems are passionate about the communities that they serve, and strive daily to provide patient centered access to services and care. This can be difficult to achieve without increasing the cost of care. Healthmonix helps you be a community's hero by working interoperably with the technology you already have implemented throughout your network, and by providing cost effective solutions for enforcing provider consistency and education.

Optimization Consulting

Healthmonix consulting team helps healthcare organizations like yours by discovering critical issues and creating tailored, actionable solutions. All focused on increasing profitability and improving patient outcomes.