Healthmonix and HITRUST certification press release 

Healthmonix achieves HITRUST certification, demonstrating commitment to data security

Malvern, Pa. — Jan. 31, 2024

Healthmonix, a leading healthcare technology company, proudly announces its attainment of HITRUST certification, underscoring its unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of data security and compliance within the healthcare industry.

The HITRUST CSF (Common Security Framework) certification is a rigorous and prestigious milestone that recognizes Healthmonix's comprehensive approach to managing risk and securing sensitive information. This achievement showcases the company's commitment to safeguarding patient data and maintaining the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and availability of healthcare information.

Healthmonix underwent a thorough assessment of its systems, processes, and controls, ensuring alignment with industry-leading security protocols and regulatory requirements. By successfully meeting the stringent criteria set forth by HITRUST, the company reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the healthcare technology landscape.

"We are thrilled to have earned HITRUST certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to protecting the confidentiality and security of healthcare data," Healthmonix President and CEO Lauren Patrick said. "This accomplishment underscores our dedication to providing our clients with the highest level of assurance and reliability in managing sensitive information."

The HITRUST CSF certification signifies Healthmonix's proactive approach to mitigating risks and fortifying its information security posture, empowering healthcare organizations to confidently leverage the company's solutions while ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.
Healthmonix remains steadfast in its mission to drive innovation in healthcare technology while prioritizing the security and privacy of patient information. The attainment of HITRUST certification reaffirms the company's commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of its clients and stakeholders.

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Healthmonix is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in MIPS reporting and value-based care analytics. With a history of excellence in supporting healthcare providers, Healthmonix is committed to empowering organizations as they transition to value-based care models. The company provides comprehensive solutions, expert guidance, and advanced data analytics to help healthcare providers achieve better patient outcomes and financial success.