Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network. View information from multiple EHRs and practice management systems all on one dashboard for simplified reporting and performance improvement.

Multiple EHRs? No problem!

Healthmonix has provided streamlined reporting options as a CMS Qualified Registry since 2009. From solo providers to large Health Systems, we provide unmatched support and adaptable reporting plans to meet your goals. We've successfully submitted data from 24,000,000 patient visits from 233 different EHRs, leading to a 98.6% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Integration Options


Direct Integration

MIPSPRO is integrated with many industry leading EHR systems, enabling a direct feed between your EHR(s) and your MIPS reporting interface.

View a partial list of our preferred integration partners or contact us to find out if we integrate with your EHR.


Standard File Import

If you can easily export measure performance data in an industry standard file format (HL7, QRDA I, 837 / 835 billing files), this will allow for extremely fast and simple upload into MIPSPRO. These files cannot be edited until they are uploaded into MIPSPRO, but you will be able to view and edit your data once it has been processed by the system.


Spreadsheet Upload

The spreadsheet upload option requires the creation of a standard spreadsheet file (.csv, .xls, .xlsx), either by manually creating a file or by export from an EHR, EMR, or billing system. Spreadsheets must include patient IDs, gender, dates of birth, dates of service, CPT codes, and ICD-10 codes.