Healthmonix and the Epic Connection Hub

Healthmonix software approved for Epic Connection Hub inclusion 

Malvern, Pa. — Nov. 9, 2023 —

Healthmonix is pleased to announce that MIPSpro, its industry-leading quality tracking and reporting application, is now accessible to Epic customers through the Epic Connection Hub. MIPSpro’s approval and activation by Epic is a testament to the software’s adherence to the rigorous standards established by Epic, the country’s leading EHR.

With this development, Epic clients can seamlessly harness the power of MIPSpro for streamlined data collection essential for MIPS and MSSP ACO tracking and reporting. This integration simplifies the MIPS reporting process, making it more efficient and reducing the burden for healthcare professionals.

“This milestone is the latest step in our commitment to smooth healthcare data exchange and interoperability,” Healthmonix President Lauren Patrick said. “Our inclusion in the Epic Connection Hub ensures seamless EHR integration for our clients.”

Epic clients who report with MIPSpro will have access to industry-leading tools, including:

  • Proprietary measure and scoring engines, which deliver average quality measures scores 10.73% higher than the national average. 
  • An advanced analytics engine that provides actual score previews and flexble insights into data
  • Year-round, live dashboards for measures, patients, and providers

Healthmonix also offers clients the ability to report MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs), CMS’ newest reporting option, plus consulting and score-optimization services. For more information, visit Healthmonix and MIPSpro.

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About Healthmonix 

Healthmonix is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in eCQM and MIPS reporting, and value-based care analytics. With a history of excellence in supporting healthcare providers, Healthmonix is committed to empowering organizations as they transition to value-based care models. The company provides comprehensive solutions, expert guidance, and advanced data analytics to help healthcare providers achieve better patient outcomes and financial success.  

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