Healthmonix expands partnership

with Modernizing Medicine

Healthmonix, Modernizing Medicine agree to expanded partnership  

Malvern, Pa. — November 2, 2023 —

Healthmonix and ModMed® have entered into an expanded interface agreement that will give ModMed’s clients who sign up with Healthmonix streamlined access to Healthmonix’s full-year MIPSpro Qualified Registry and Qualified Clinical Data Registry starting in 2024.

ModMed clients who sign up with Healthmonix will benefit from the increased availability of Healthmonix’s industry-leading value-based care tools, allowing them to improve their MIPS score, boost their Medicare reimbursements, and reduce the reporting burden on their staff. 

“At Healthmonix, we’ve always admired ModMed’s dedication to innovation and excellence in healthcare solutions,” Healthmonix CEO Lauren Patrick said. “Their commitment to improving patient outcomes and streamlining healthcare processes aligns perfectly with our mission and values.

“This partnership holds immense promise, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional value to ModMed and its customers throughout our collaboration.”

With ModMed clients receiving year-round reporting support from Healthmonix, they’ll be able to:

  • Track quality measure performance for 12 months 
  • Close care gaps
  • View their estimated MIPS score all year
  • Track performance in cost measures
  • Assess performance in MIPS Value Pathways
  • Use advanced analytics to gain deeper data insight

Healthmonix will also offer its exceptional service and support to meet any developing needs from ModMed. These include a U.S.-based customer support team and dedicated data management and integration teams.  

“As we look ahead to 2024, we are excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds,” Patrick said. “Together, Healthmonix and ModMed can support providers in providing meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes, drive efficiency, and contribute to a healthier future.” 

About Healthmonix 

Healthmonix is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in eCQM and MIPS reporting, and value-based care analytics. With a history of excellence in supporting healthcare providers, Healthmonix is committed to empowering organizations as they transition to value-based care models. The company provides comprehensive solutions, expert guidance, and advanced data analytics to help healthcare providers achieve better patient outcomes and financial success.  

Media contact:  Savannah Vasquez,