Healthmonix rebrand press release 

Healthmonix announces strategic rebrand to expanded focus on value-based care solutions  

Malvern, Pa. — October 12, 2023 —

Healthmonix, a leader in MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) reporting and value-based care analytics, is excited to announce a strategic rebranding initiative.

This transformation reflects Healthmonix's commitment to improving the healthcare industry through comprehensive solutions that empower providers to succeed in value-based care programs. 

Healthmonix has continually adapted to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and payers. This rebranding marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, allowing it to better align its offerings with the changing demands of value-based care. 

As part of the rebranding, Healthmonix will unveil a refreshed brand identity that reflects its expanded mission and vision for the future. The rollout will begin in December. 

“Our rebranding is a testament to our commitment to advancing the healthcare industry,” Healthmonix CEO Lauren Patrick said. “We’re excited to broaden our focus to include solutions that will guide healthcare providers toward success in value-based care programs, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.”

Key highlights of Healthmonix's rebranding include: 

  1. Comprehensive value-based care solutions. Healthmonix will expand its products to include solutions designed to support healthcare providers in their transition to value-based care models. This includes quality reporting, cost measure analytics, performance improvement, and revenue enhancement tools. 
  1. Enhanced data analytics. Healthmonix will leverage its advanced data analytics capabilities, providing healthcare organizations with actionable insights to drive better patient outcomes and financial performance. 
  1. Industry-leading data integration. Healthmonix will continue its unwavering commitment to alleviating the challenges associated with healthcare data integration and embracing industry-standard interoperability initiatives. 
  1. Seamless transition. Healthmonix will deepen its dedication to offering integrated, user-friendly platforms that streamline value-based care, reduce administrative burden, and enhance efficiency. 
  1. Expert guidance. Healthmonix will continue to employ a team of experts committed to helping healthcare providers navigate the complexities of value-based care, ensuring they achieve success in these new models. 

Healthmonix's rebranding is a pivotal step forward in its journey to support healthcare providers on their path to value-based care success. The company’s dedication to innovation and excellence remains, and it’s excited to continue partnering with healthcare organizations to drive positive industry change.  

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About Healthmonix 

Healthmonix is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in MIPS reporting and value-based care analytics. With a history of excellence in supporting healthcare providers, Healthmonix is committed to empowering organizations as they transition to value-based care models. The company provides comprehensive solutions, expert guidance, and advanced data analytics to help healthcare providers achieve better patient outcomes and financial success.