MIPS Score Improvement Activities

Looking to report IA? The number of improvement activities you need to perform depends on your specific reporting requirements, with a range between 1 and 4 activities. The performance period for improvement activities extends for at least 90 consecutive days during the 2023 reporting period, unless otherwise specified in the activity description. Start searching below for Improvement Activities measures.

  • 2023 MIPS Improvement Activities
  • 2022 MIPS Improvement Activities
Activity IdActivity NameActivity WeightingActivity Description
IA_EPA_1Provide 24/7 Access to MIPS Eligible Clinicians or Groups Who Have Real-Time Access to Patient's Medical RecordHighDetails
IA_EPA_2Use of telehealth services that expand practice accessMediumDetails
IA_EPA_3Collection and use of patient experience and satisfaction data on accessMediumDetails
IA_EPA_4Additional improvements in access as a result of QIN/QIO TAMediumDetails
IA_EPA_5Participation in User Testing of the Quality Payment Program Website (https://qpp.cms.gov/)MediumDetails
IA_EPA_6Create and Implement a Language Access PlanHighDetails
IA_PM_2Anticoagulant management improvementsHighDetails
IA_PM_3RHC, IHS or FQHC quality improvement activitiesHighDetails
IA_PM_4Glycemic management servicesHighDetails
IA_PM_5Engagement of community for health status improvementMediumDetails
IA_PM_6Use of toolsets or other resources to close healthcare disparities across communitiesMediumDetails
IA_PM_11Regular review practices in place on targeted patient population needsMediumDetails
IA_PM_12Population empanelmentMediumDetails
IA_PM_13Chronic care and preventative care management for empaneled patientsMediumDetails
IA_PM_14Implementation of methodologies for improvements in longitudinal care management for high risk patientsMediumDetails
IA_PM_15Implementation of episodic care management practice improvementsMediumDetails
IA_PM_16Implementation of medication management practice improvementsMediumDetails
IA_PM_17Participation in Population Health ResearchMediumDetails
IA_PM_18Provide Clinical-Community LinkagesMediumDetails
IA_PM_19Glycemic Screening ServicesMediumDetails
IA_PM_20Glycemic Referring ServicesMediumDetails
IA_PM_21Advance Care PlanningMediumDetails
IA_CC_1Implementation of use of specialist reports back to referring clinician or group to close referral loopMediumDetails
IA_CC_2Implementation of improvements that contribute to more timely communication of test resultsMediumDetails
IA_CC_7Regular training in care coordinationMediumDetails
IA_CC_8Implementation of documentation improvements for practice/process improvementsMediumDetails
IA_CC_9Implementation of practices/processes for developing regular individual care plansMediumDetails
IA_CC_10Care transition documentation practice improvementsMediumDetails
IA_CC_11Care transition standard operational improvementsMediumDetails
IA_CC_12Care coordination agreements that promote improvements in patient tracking across settingsMediumDetails
IA_CC_13Practice improvements to align with OpenNotes principlesMediumDetails
IA_CC_15PSH Care CoordinationHighDetails
IA_CC_16Primary Care Physician and Behavioral Health Bilateral Electronic Exchange of Information for Shared PatientsMediumDetails
IA_CC_17Patient Navigator ProgramHighDetails
IA_CC_18Relationship-Centered CommunicationMediumDetails
IA_CC_19Tracking of clinician's relationship to and responsibility for a patient by reporting MACRA patient relationship codesHighDetails
IA_BE_1Use of certified EHR to capture patient reported outcomesMediumDetails
IA_BE_3Engagement with QIN-QIO to implement self-management training programsMediumDetails
IA_BE_4Engagement of patients through implementation of improvements in patient portalMediumDetails
IA_BE_5Enhancements/regular updates to practice websites/tools that also include considerations for patients with cognitive disabilitiesMediumDetails
IA_BE_6Regularly Assess Patient Experience of Care and Follow Up on FindingsHighDetails
IA_BE_12Use evidence-based decision aids to support shared decision-makingMediumDetails
IA_BE_14Engage patients and families to guide improvement in the system of careHighDetails
IA_BE_15Engagement of patients, family and caregivers in developing a plan of careMediumDetails
IA_BE_16Promote Self-management in Usual CareMediumDetails
IA_BE_19Use group visits for common chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes)MediumDetails
IA_BE_22Improved practices that engage patients pre-visitMediumDetails
IA_BE_23Integration of patient coaching practices between visitsMediumDetails
IA_BE_24Financial Navigation ProgramMediumDetails
IA_BE_25Drug Cost TransparencyHighDetails
IA_PSPA_1Participation in an AHRQ-listed patient safety organizationMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_2Participation in MOC Part IVMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_3Participate in IHI Training/Forum Event; National Academy of Medicine, AHRQ Team STEPPS® or other similar activityMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_4Administration of the AHRQ Survey of Patient Safety CultureMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_7Use of QCDR data for ongoing practice assessment and improvementsMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_8Use of patient safety toolsMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_9Completion of the AMA STEPS Forward programMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_12Participation in private payer CPIAMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_13Participation in Joint Commission Evaluation InitiativeMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_15Implementation of an ASPMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_16Use of decision support and standardized treatment protocolsMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_17Implementation of analytic capabilities to manage total cost of care for practice populationMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_18Measurement and improvement at the practice and panel levelMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_19Implementation of formal quality improvement methods, practice changes or other practice improvement processesMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_21Implementation of fall screening and assessment programsMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_22CDC Training on CDC's Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic PainHighDetails
IA_PSPA_23Completion of CDC Training on Antibiotic StewardshipHighDetails
IA_PSPA_25Cost Display for Laboratory and Radiographic OrdersMediumDetails
lA_PSPA_26Communication of Unscheduled Visit for Adverse Drug Event and Nature of EventMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_27Invasive Procedure or Surgery Anticoagulation Medication ManagementMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_28Completion of an Accredited Safety or Quality Improvement ProgramMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_29Consulting Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) Using Clinical Decision Support when Ordering Advanced Diagnostic ImagingHighDetails
IA_PSPA_31Patient Medication Risk EducationHighDetails
IA_PSPA_32Use of CDC Guideline for Clinical Decision Support to Prescribe Opioids for Chronic Pain via Clinical Decision SupportHighDetails
IA_PSPA_33Application of CDC’s Training for Healthcare Providers on Lyme DiseaseMediumDetails
IA_AHE_1Enhance Engagement of Medicaid and Other Underserved PopulationsHighDetails
IA_AHE_3Promote use of Patient-Reported Outcome ToolsHighDetails
IA_AHE_5MIPS Eligible Clinician Leadership in Clinical Trials or CBPRMediumDetails
IA_AHE_6Provide Education Opportunities for New CliniciansHighDetails
IA_AHE_7Comprehensive Eye ExamsMediumDetails
IA_AHE_8Create and Implement an Anti-Racism PlanHighDetails
IA_AHE_9Implement Food Insecurity and Nutrition Risk Identification and Treatment ProtocolsMediumDetails
IA_AHE_10Adopt Certified Health Information Technology for Security Tags for Electronic Health Record DataMediumDetails
IA_AHE_11Create and Implement a Plan to Improve Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer PatientsHighDetails
IA_AHE_12Practice Improvements that Engage Community Resources to Address Drivers of HealthHighDetails
IA_ERP_1Participation on Disaster Medical Assistance Team, registered for 6 monthsMediumDetails
IA_ERP_2Participation in a 60-day or greater effort to support domestic or international humanitarian needsHighDetails
IA_ERP_3COVID-19 Clinical Data Reporting with or without Clinical TrialHighDetails
IA_ERP_4Implementation of a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PlanMediumDetails
IA_ERP_5Implementation of a Laboratory Preparedness PlanMediumDetails
IA_ERP_6COVID-19 Vaccine Achievement for Practice StaffMediumDetails
IA_BMH_1Diabetes screeningMediumDetails
IA_BMH_2Tobacco useMediumDetails
IA_BMH_4Depression screeningMediumDetails
IA_BMH_5MDD prevention and treatment interventionsMediumDetails
IA_BMH_6Implementation of co-location PCP and MH servicesHighDetails
IA_BMH_7Implementation of Integrated Patient Centered Behavioral Health ModelHighDetails
IA_BMH_8Electronic Health Record Enhancements for BH data captureMediumDetails
IA_BMH_9Unhealthy Alcohol Use for Patients with Co-occurring Conditions of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Ambulatory Care PatientsHighDetails
IA_BMH_10Completion of Collaborative Care Management Training ProgramMediumDetails
IA_BMH_11Implementation of a Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Approach to Clinical PracticeMediumDetails
IA_BMH_12Promoting Clinician Well-BeingHighDetails
IA_BMH_13Obtain or Renew an Approved Waiver for Provision of Buprenorphine as Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use DisorderMediumDetails
IA_PCMHElectronic submission of Patient Centered Medical Home accreditationDetails
IA_PM_7Use of QCDR for feedback reports that incorporate population healthHighDetails
IA_BE_7Participation in a QCDR, that promotes use of patient engagement tools.MediumDetails
IA_BE_8Participation in a QCDR, that promotes collaborative learning network opportunities that are interactive.MediumDetails
IA_PSPA_6Consultation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring programHighDetails
IA_PSPA_20Leadership engagement in regular guidance and demonstrated commitment for implementing practice improvement changesMediumDetails
IA_PSPA_30PCI Bleeding CampaignHighDetails

Licenses are available for the 2023 reporting year.