MIPS & APM Consulting

Ready to earn the highest MIPS incentive possible?

Leverage our consulting services.

Let the experts guide you on what is most important for your organization to maximize score ROI for QPP participation and to improve patient outcomes.

APM Track

Prepare to participate in Alternative Payment Models like BPCI, CPC+, ACOs, and other future value-based payment models.

MIPS Track

MIPSpro® combines consulting services with industry-leading software to reduce the disruptions associated with regulatory compliance and improve overall quality of care. Consultants help you with MIPS strategy, score optimization, Security Risk Analysis, audit preparedness, and support you through the attestation process - stabilizing the chaos and transforming complex regulatory requirements into simple, actionable strategies.

In accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-30 risk assessment methodology, SRA assistance will include:

  • A framework to establish an ongoing HIPAA Risk Assessment program.
  • Identifying and assessing potential risks, vulnerabilities and areas of greatest concern.
  • Guidance on risk mitigation.
  • A completed SRA with recommended remediation actions.
  • Facility walkthrough notes.
  • Sample security policy.
  • Privacy security policy.
  • Recommendation for ongoing security updates.

The Healthmonix Approach

Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network.

Gaps in Care

Address and identify gaps in care with our customizable reports. Then, dig down into disease states, provider subgroups and patient cohorts.

Risk Score Management

Optimize Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores with accurate HCC data to improve MIPS scores and Medicare Advantage reimbursements. 

MIPS & APM Consulting

Expert assistance to maximize your return on investment for QPP participation.


Conduct  MIPS reporting with Healthmonix measures approved by CMS that pertain to your organization's specialty.


Close gaps in care (and  MIPS performance) with a fully managed care coordination program for your patients.