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The MIPSpro® 2020 Qualified Registry and QCDR makes it easy to navigate complicated Medicare requirements and maximize your MIPS incentive. Feel secure with your MIPS submission knowing your reporting data is validated using the most up-to-date reporting requirements, proprietary score optimizer,  and years of unmatched experience.  Our tools not only ease the burden of reporting, but also provide the next steps in value-based care and  optimal patient care.  And isn't that what it's all about?

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MIPS Program Reporting

Real-time MIPS Updates

Live performance updates allow timely decisions to close gaps in performance.  Measure, patient,    and provider dashboards support targeted improvement. 

All MIPS Categories

MIPSpro is the only  registry that allows Quality, PI, IA, and Cost to be tracked in one convenient location.

Submission Validation

Our experts review each submission for common yet costly mistakes using the most up-to-date rulings from CMS. Our proprietary engine provides seamless, optimized submission and score.

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100% State-Side Support

Get quick, easy to understand answers to all of your MIPS questions from our expert, highly-rated support team. 

Year-Round Reporting

Quality measures are made available on the first business day of each new performance year so you can get a jump-start.  Our proprietary algorithm selects measures to target and report for optimal score.

Integrated Data

Reporting using data from one or multiple EMRs is made simple through flexible data integration options.  No manual entry is required. We minimize burden on your clinicians.

Expert reassurance behind every MIPS submission.

The MIPSpro Customer Support team is available via email, chat, and phone. We promise you a first reply within one business day, with the average first response only taking 1.2 hours. For users who prefer self-service, our curated help desk provides access to policy guides, on-screen system tutorials, and topical webinars.


Penalty Avoidance Success Rate


Customer Satisfaction

1.7 hours

Average Time to Full Ticket Resolution

This is by far the best company I have ever had the privilege of working with. No questions are out of their reach and no question goes unanswered. LOVE LOVE LOVE Healthmonix!!

Lisa Lugar
Effingham Prompt Care

I ALWAYS receive great support and information from Healthmonix. Not only helped me to key in on the issue I was having, but helped to facilitate communication between my EMR support and myself.

Practice Administrator
Physical Medicine Specialty Practice

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The one-stop shop for conquering MIPS
Get back to what's important by minimizing administrative burden and using data to improve patient care.

Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network.

MIPS & APM Consulting

Expert assistance to maximize your return on investment for QPP participation.

Clinical Coaching

Identify and address gaps in care with our intuitive reports or utilize peer-to-peer guidance and coaching from physician experts.

Workflow Consulting

Streamline data collection to free up valuable clinical staff hours and optimize performance.

Risk Score Management

Optimize revenue with risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores that reflect patient population.

Chronic Care Management

Close gaps in care (and MIPS performance) with a fully managed care coordination program for your patients.

What makes MIPSpro the most trusted solution for MIPS reporting?

MIPSpro Qualified Registry and QCDR has been supporting clinician's CMS quality reporting,  performance improvement, and population health management since 2009. Our years of experience have made us the most user-centric MIPS reporting solution available, incorporating complex rules into a simplified interface that removes the need to worry about the shifting landscape of CMS policy.  Focus on patient health and improvement instead of data gathering and reporting.

Intelligent MIPS Reporting

powered by the unique MIPSPRO scoring engine.
  • ​Select and track all measures for no extra cost, and select your top measures at submission.
  • Streamlined policy compliance feedback ensures that thresholds are met. 
  • Smart scoring dashboards show actual vs. predicted scores and update in real-time.
  • Submit BOTH group and individual level to get credit for whichever score is higher - at no extra cost.
  • All clinical and claims data is mined to show best measures to report and areas for improvement
  • Email Quality performance reports for your whole practice with one click.
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Revenue Impact Estimation

  • See the dollars saved and return on your MIPS investment based on user’s MIPS scores.
  • Integrate your scores from other sources for components that are being reported elsewhere, and see your total Revenue Impact from the MIPS program.

Comprehensive Data Integration

  • Our clinical coding experts have integrated automatic translation of SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, NDC, CVX and other coding standards for cases where CMS numerator codes are not used by your EHR.  This could save your staff hundreds of hours of work!
  • Patient vitals and other clinical data are automatically accepted to meet numerator criteria for select measures. No translations into CMS codes needed!
  • MIPSpro integrates data from multiple sources, an ideal feature for health systems that use multiple EHRs.  We combine data to reveal areas for improvement, and to help you report the best measures for your organization.

Overwhelmed by options?

Get our free MIPS reporting solution shopping guide to help you make a quick and informed decision.