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2023 MIPS Improvement Activity IA_CC_16: Primary Care Physician and Behavioral Health Bilateral Electronic Exchange of Information for Shared Patients


Activity Description

The primary care and behavioral health practices use the same electronic health record system for shared patients or have an established bidirectional flow of primary care and behavioral health records.

Activity ID Activity Weighting Sub-Category Name
IA_CC_16 Medium Care Coordination

Objective & Validation Documentation

Objective: Improve whole-person care by establishing bidirectional communication between eligible primary care clinicians and behavioral health practices for shared patients.

Validation Documentation: Evidence of collaboration and bidirectional flow of patient information between eligible primary care clinician(s) and behavioral health practice/s where electronic health records (EHRs) share common patients. Include the following element:
1) Communication exchange – Documentation of established bidirectional communication and information-sharing between primary care and behavioral health practices that share common patients or use the same EHR systems.

Example(s): A small primary care practice of eligible clinicians finds that they often are not aware of the mental health issues their patients are being treated for, and in particular, are often unaware of additions or changes in psychiatric medications. The group does not have the ability to connect their electronic medical record with that of the mental healthcare clinicians and there is no health information exchange available. To solve their problem, they identified all patients with psychiatric medications prescribed outside their practice and all patients known to be receiving mental health treatment. With the patient’s permission, the notes from the mental health visits and associated medication information are faxed or emailed and medication reconciliation occurs with all medication changes.