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About us

We’re spearheading the development of value-based care analytics

Healthmonix started in a single room above CEO Lauren Patrick’s garage. Wanting to improve people’s lives by enhancing healthcare outcomes, she began by developing quality measures and practice improvement for diabetes.


We’ve since expanded to become experts in quality reporting, cost of care, and data analytics. As the healthcare industry continues moving to value-based care models, we’re developing software and tools that give you insights into your data so you can improve patient care and boost your revenue.

Our values


We value one another and our clients.


We strive for the best solution, not the easy one.


We intensely care about our mission and products.


We do our best work together.

Meet our leaders

We’ve built a team with diverse and complementary backgrounds. Learn more about the leaders driving us forward.

See where we’ve been — and where
we’re going

Our history

Founded in 2007 in Malvern, Pa. to develop quality metrics and drive outcomes for health systems and practices

Transitioned to quality reporting through CMS in 2009 by introducing PQRSPRO

Introduced MIPSpro and ACOpro in 2017 as our answer to the newly formed MACRA rules

Launched MIPS Cost Analytics in 2020, becoming the only MIPS registry to provide current year payment data for all Medicare patients and cost performance insights

Developed solutions for the Alternative Payment Model (APM) Performance Pathway (APP) and the Primary Care First (PCF) program in 2021 to address expanding MIPS reporting frameworks and the addition of new value-based care programs

Our future

We’re at the forefront of healthcare innovation, paving the way for seamless data interoperability that transcends boundaries. Our commitment lies in not only streamlining the ingestion of your client data but also in granting you unparalleled access to a vast spectrum of data sources.

We’re designing cutting-edge solutions, crafted to integrate AI and unveil actionable insights like never before. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and developing the next generation of technology that will transform the way you do business.

Join us on this journey as we lead the charge toward a future where data interoperability in healthcare is not just a possibility but a reality. Your pathway to comprehensive insights and enhanced care begins here.