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Maximize Your Performance

Score optimization

Maximize your performance with our class-leading tools

With CMS policy changing between and even during performance years, you need to understand a wealth of information to succeed in MIPS and other value-based care programs. Our unmatched knowledge of current reporting requirements combined with our proprietary software give you the edge you need to optimize your performance.

From finding measure data other registries don’t to providing flexible reporting options, we deliver MIPS Quality category scores 10.73% higher than the national average. See how we can boost your return on your reporting fees.

Outcomes Focused

Receive a comprehensive view of your reporting options

Our advanced analytics allow us to offer your organization the best reporting choices. We also provide actual score previews instead of predicted totals. Take advantage of our proprietary measure and scoring engines.


Individual vs. group comparison

Decide whether to report as individual NPIs or as a group.


Reporting options

Choose to report a QCDR, CQM, or eCQM.


Influencing factors

Reveal what measures are influencing your Cost category score.

Close gaps in care

Our software allows you to look at individual patients, providers, and measures. We also provide you with a list of patients who don’t meet each quality measure you select. This allows you to find outlier providers and underserved patient populations, providing insights to improve your workflows and measure performance.

Add consulting for more expertise

Let our value-based care advisors guide you on what matters most for your organization or practice. We can help you maximize your return on investment for QPP participation and improve your patient outcomes.