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See how our software helps you thrive in value-based care

From reporting traditional MIPS to understanding complex cost measures, you’ll succeed in quality reporting and deliver efficient patient care with our innovative products.


Boost your MIPS ROI with MIPSpro. Our comprehensive suite of tools facilitates seamless data integration and effective score optimization, designed to streamline your MIPS reporting and submission process. Discover how our solutions can empower you to achieve your MIPS goals and enhance your practice’s revenue.

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MIPS Analytics

MIPS Analytics empowers your team to conduct comparative analyses to evaluate, remediate, and enhance the quality of care. Leveraging clinical rules and thousands of variables, we provide advanced predictive solutions to drive your success in delivering superior patient care and achieving excellence in value-based initiatives.

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APP Impact

Whether your ACO wants to simply track, report, and submit the APP measures or maximize its score, APP Impact has the options to help your organization implement a successful reporting plan.

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MIPS Cost Analytics

Our pioneering MIPS Cost Analytics software offers unparalleled insights into the Cost performance category. It enables a comprehensive view of your patients’ care journeys, both within your practice and beyond. View provider scorecards, variation in care, and total costs for all episodes of care.

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MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs)

Our MVP platform empowers practices to simplify their reporting processes and strategically choose measures and providers, optimizing performance scores while concentrating on areas that resonate with their practice’s goals. Its flexibility allows for a single data upload, enabling the identification of the most advantageous reporting scenarios.

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