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Data integration

One of the major keys to success for any data analysis is the “data in”. Our data integration and management teams bring years of experience and insightful new approaches to establishing ongoing data integration.

Our data teams focus on gathering data from diverse sources, including clinical records, claims, and more, and harmonizing it into a unified, comprehensive registry on a continuous basis. Our data and measures teams work closely to ensure the appropriate data is being sourced to achieve goals in measure tracking, improvement, and reporting.

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MIPS and other value-based care programs are harder than we all thought. We’ve been at this for over 15 years, and we find the journey is long and new insights are being found as we all move forward.

We bring together consultants with varied backgrounds to work with you to provide guidance at the level that you need. From EHR workflows to focusing on a particular measure to raising your cost-of-care scores, we can provide you with guidance.

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Score optimization

Unlocking the full potential of MIPS scoring can require some undercover work and analysis. With this effort, we’ve found that we can often increase MIPS scores with our score optimization experts.

Equip your practice with analytics and insights that maximize performance scores and revenue. We provide this service with a full eye towards ROI for your practice. Let us show you how you can squeeze additional points and revenue from MIPS and other programs.

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Patient matching

Patient matching isn’t just a “nice to have” when gathering data from multiple sources. Patient matching and deduplication are critical to large organizations with disparate data. While it’s a simple concept, the implementation is nuanced and can be a significant undertaking.

We offer several solutions to help you ensure your patients are accurately identified, a must for successful value-based care reporting. We’ll work with your team to find the option that fits your technology and workflows.

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