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Reducing the Burden

Health systems

Achieve excellence in value-based care with reduced administrative burden

As Medicare regulations continue to evolve, hospitals and health systems face some of the most challenging issues in healthcare today. With our wealth of experience and innovative solutions, Healthmonix can empower your organization to excel in value-based care while providing much-needed relief to your staff from burdensome quality-reporting requirements.

Tackle your team’s tasks

Our software and qualified registries let you tackle the tasks facing your team:

Maximize your revenue. Elevate your performance scores with flexible, optimized strategies available through MVPs, APP reporting, specialty measures, group, subgroup selection, and individual clinicians to achieve unparalleled success.

Select your most relevant reporting measures. Choose from standard registry measures, electronic measures, and specialty measures specific to your clinicians.

Determine your clinician eligibility. Ensure you include all the clinicians who need to report.

Integrate data. Seamlessly integrate data from multiple EHRs and billing systems.

Match patient information. Combine patient records from various platforms to improve reporting accuracy.

Maintain high standards. Achieve high-quality care without overburdening your healthcare professionals and staff.

Access provider scorecards. Track and share performance on a department, location, and provider basis.

Close gaps in care. As data is consolidated, true gaps in your patient population can be highlighted and addressed.

Understand cost-of-care measures. Gain a holistic view of your patients’ healthcare journey, both inside and outside your health system, to deliver superior care and outcomes.

Support improvement programs. Track trends in care and close the loop on clinical improvements.

See how we can help you spend less time navigating MIPS reporting and submission, and more time delivering exemplary patient care.

Outcomes Focused

Simplify your reporting

Our tools help you decide what you should report to CMS and how to report it.


Track individual and group performance
We mine all your clinical and claims data to show you your best-performing measures and areas for improvement. Submit at the group and individual levels, and receive whichever score is higher — at no added cost.


View your data in 1 place
We combine information from all your EHRs and practice-management systems to give you a complete look at your patient data. Our clinical coding experts have integrated automatic translation of SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, NDC, CVX, and other coding standards, which could save your staff hundreds of hours of work.


Follow your performance all year
Our proprietary scoring engine and smart dashboards allow you to see real-time actual and predicted MIPS scores. Download your gaps in care report to target specific patients. Select as many quality measures as you want, then submit the ones where you excel when the performance year ends.

Add analytics for further insights

With MIPS Analytics, you can view performance across your entire organization and at any level. Review your data split into reports that matter to you so you can act quickly and improve performance. Compare key revenue opportunities and understand how performance varies across your organization.

The ease of collaboration and strategic alignment with the Healthmonix team made it possible for Alteon to innovate and execute on a plan to transform our MIPS performance.”

Use our consultants for added expertise

Let our value-based care advisors guide you on what matters most for your organization. We can help you maximize your return on investment for QPP participation and improve your patient outcomes.

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