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Expert Guidance


Receive expert guidance to boost your performance

The shifting requirements and regulations governing value-based care programs can be tough to track. Enter our consultants. They can provide custom services and expertise to maximize your organization’s value-based care performance and MIPS final score.

See what purchasing consulting can do for you

Do you need to understand your MIPS revenue potential? Have questions about a measure set?

Take advantage of the services our consultants provide:

Enhanced data integration consultation

EHR workflow consultation

Measure and performance optimization

Custom measure implementation

Custom data integration

MIPS revenue prediction

Performance-based revenue sharing

Keep current with cost analysis

Controlling your costs is vital to succeeding in value-based care programs. Engaging with a consultant can help you better understand how cost scoring works, your historic and current standing and status, and your operational and process-based areas for improvement.

Cost consulting includes a review of your last 24 months of claims data. A follow-up meeting will help you understand strengths and weaknesses.

Take advantage of these services to identify areas of opportunity by TIN for operations to help improve Cost category scores and performance.