The 2023 MIPS reporting deadline is April 1, 2024. 

Purchase your MIPSpro license by Feb. 29 for access to Customer Support during submission season.

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Educational resources for MIPS reporting

MIPS ROI Calculator

The MIPS ROI calculator is a tool we've developed to help you calculate your ROI on MIPS participation. By simply entering your projected Part B revenue from a given payment incentive year, you can determine your expected penalty or bonus incentive from CMS. 

MIPS Reporting in 2023

The Overview of MIPS reporting in 2023 is a fact sheet that condenses the most important information to know from CMS's 2023 Final Rule. This sheet can act as a quick-reference guide for performance category weights, the payment adjustment scheduled, and eligibility requirements.

Attack gaps in care with MIPSpro in 2023.  This is a fact sheet that will break down how you can drill into individual patients, providers and MIPS measures. This empowers you to close care gaps by identifying outlier providers, underserved patient populations, and incorrect  quality measure workflows. 

Additional resources


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