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Driven by Results


Healthmonix helps organizations thrive in value-based care

With 15-plus years of experience, Healthmonix has helped thousands of providers, practices, and companies succeed in quality reporting and value-based care. Our platform gives users real-time dashboards, MIPS scoring, and performance reports, while our API feeds data back to your platform to provide a comprehensive performance view.

We also handle compliance and regulatory updates plus maintain measures, allowing clients to achieve top 1% level quality reporting. See a sampling of how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals.

Penalty avoidance


We make your effort toward MIPS worthwhile. We helped our clients with $500 million in penalty avoidance in 2022.

Quality outcomes


Data is king. Our analytics point out improvement opportunities. We helped 1 organization with a 63% improvement in depression screening.

Score optimization


MSSP ACOs need to achieve threshold quality reporting. Our client’s score was 23% higher than the national average.

Incentives earned


We maximize incentives. Healthmonix achieved $200 million in incentives in 2022.



MIPS is complicated. We help along the way. We’re proud of our 96% CSAT rating.


1.7 hours

We aim to answer customer questions quickly. Our tickets are resolved in an average of 1.7 hours.

American Psychological Association case study

In the early 2010s, mental and behavioral health professionals lacked a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) to offer specialty-focused measures beyond those provided by CMS. Healthmonix and the American Psychological Association formed a partnership in 2014, leading to the development of the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry in 2018.
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We have worked with several registries over the years and our experience is that Healthmonix and MIPSpro are the best in terms of acquiring and monitoring data as well as scoring performance.”

Chirpy Bird, Inc., a Healthmonix partner since 2018

Flatiron Health case study

Flatiron Health’s EHR, OncoEMR, provided a way for clinicians to document data required for MIPS reporting but had no ability to directly submit the data to CMS. Flatiron and Healthmonix collaborated to develop a solution that seamlessly passes data from OncoEMR to MIPSpro each week. Flatiron providers have benefitted by consistently outperforming the national average on many of their selected measures compared to non-Flatiron providers who reported on the same measures.
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Healthmonix has been a great partner in enabling our practices to provide the best quality of care while navigating the complexities of MIPS reporting.”

Flatiron Health, a Healthmonix partner since 2018