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Navigating the Medicare landscape


Empower your ACO with simplified quality tracking and cost insights

Navigating the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of Medicare quality measure requirements, ACOs continually work to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care while meeting regulatory reporting benchmarks. Collaborating with Healthmonix can empower your organization to champion value-based care by minimizing the reporting burden on your staff and providers while accessing analytics that assist in improvement.

Tackle your ACO’s challenges

We engineered our APP Impact software and qualified registry to tackle the challenges confronting your ACO:

Transitioning from reporting on a subset of Medicare patients to all-payer patient data

Aggregating data from multiple systems into a single set of quality metrics

Matching patient information across platforms and deduplicating into a single wholistic view of each patient

Upholding rigorous standards without overburdening your already busy providers and staff

Assisting your providers in understanding underlying care needs to achieve performance

Providing visibility via provider scorecards across the ACO

Don’t let CMS policy overwhelm your ACO. Our APP solutions enable you to improve your reporting today and prepare for future changes.

Outcomes Focused

Streamline your ACO reporting

Our approach is designed to reduce your staff’s workload while also enhancing your performance. We equip you with the tools to succeed in value-based care so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.


Transition to the APP Performance Pathway (APP)
CMS has initiated the phase-out of Web Interface reporting and will retire this reporting framework for the 2025 program year. Moving to APP Impact will allow you to concentrate on the 3 required APP quality measures and submit with a few simple clicks.


Integrate your technology
Our advanced code mapping allows us to integrate with any EHR, practice management system, or revenue cycle management program. Exchange healthcare data with ease while tracking and submitting performance data for CQMs and eCQMs.


View data insights
Our analytics enable you to gain valuable insight into your patient cohorts, provider group performance, outliers, and more. Customize your reports to examine the data that matters most to you.

Discover why ACOs choose Healthmonix

We’ve supported clinicians’ CMS quality reporting, performance improvement, and population health management since 2009. Our years of experience have made us the most user-friendly reporting solution available. We help you focus on patient health and improvement instead of data gathering and reporting. 

Integrate with Epic

Healthmonix is now available in Epic Connection Hub. This achievement signifies our commitment to seamless healthcare data exchange and interoperability. Our software meets Epic’s rigorous standards, ensuring our clients enjoy a frictionless EHR integration experience.

Get assistance with depression screenings

We understand screening for and following up on depression poses a challenge. Our partner Videra Health can automate and administer anxiety, depression, trauma, and other assessments like the PHQ-9, GAD-7, and PCL to support your reporting.

Check out our webinar with Videra and the American Psychological Association for insights on how to excel with the depression screening measure. Download the webinar.