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MIPS Analytics

Drive higher performance by pinpointing and targeting areas of greatest impact.

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Get more from your MIPS data

Elevate your care quality and performance with our cutting-edge tools. MIPS Analytics transforms your approach to healthcare excellence by enabling you to:

  • Gain a panoramic view of performance across your entire organization, down to the finest detail.
  • Compare each department, location, and provider against benchmarks.
  • Equip clinicians with instant benchmarking against their peers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Monitor trends in performance over time, staying ahead of the curve in healthcare excellence.
  • Pinpoint critical areas for enhancement, strategically focusing your efforts where they matter most.

We help you achieve your goals 

Empower your journey to excellence and success with advanced analytics tools. Our solution is designed to:

  • Monitor performance against your goals. Seamlessly ensure that your performance remains on the right track, aligning with your strategic objectives.
  • Streamline operations. Significantly reduce administrative burden, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters — delivering exceptional care.
  • Enhance accountability. Foster a culture of responsibility across departments and among clinicians, ensuring everyone contributes to the collective success.
  • Boost revenue. Propel your organization’s financial health forward by optimizing operations and enhancing care delivery.

Unlock your potential and drive your organization to new heights with our comprehensive, flexible analytics.

MIPS Analytics features

Adaptive interactive modeling

Use actual encounter data to test operational changes and consistently achieve optimal outcomes.

Cohort specific modules

Examples include CHF, COPD, sepsis, pneumonia, hip and knee replacements, diabetes, and behavioral health.

Connectivity, communication, and transparency

Connect stakeholders to data that impacts revenue.