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Flatiron case study

Flatiron Health drives MIPS performance through seamless integration with MIPSpro

Flatiron Health® is a healthtech company dedicated to improving cancer treatment and advancing research. As the pioneer in real-world evidence for oncology, they provide technology and services to support patient care and make every patient story count. Flatiron partners with hundreds of cancer centers, 20-plus top global developers of oncology therapeutics, and researchers and regulators around the world.


Flatiron wanted to offer a MIPS reporting solution to their community oncology customers. OncoEMR®, Flatiron’s EHR, provided a way for clinicians to document data required for MIPS reporting, but there was no ability to directly submit the data to CMS. Flatiron wanted a seamless way for their customers to directly report MIPS data from OncoEMR. 

Flatiron sought a best-of-breed solution that could provide exceptional support and a streamlined experience to ensure successful MIPS reporting for their customers. Ultimately, Flatiron selected Healthmonix as their MIPS reporting partner, using MIPSpro®.


OncoEMR collects the required patient and visit information for MIPS reporting. This data is seamlessly passed to MIPSpro. Data imports are transmitted from OncoEMR via secure file transfer on a weekly basis and are auto-uploaded into all the providers’ MIPSpro accounts. This delivers continually refreshed data from OncoEMR to MIPSpro, enabling customers to review their MIPS measure performance with current figures and make workflow changes when gaps in care are identified. Flatiron also sends numerator and denominator data to MIPSpro on a weekly basis for Promoting Interoperability measures so that providers have a complete view of their performance in MIPSpro.

Healthmonix and Flatiron’s successful partnership is based on shared MIPS philosophies:

  • MIPS reporting: Starting early to allow customers to review and improve their performance throughout the year
  • Proactive support: Listening to customers and working hard to quickly and accurately address their needs, as well as ensuring success with their MIPS submissions

Both organizations prioritize their partnership to ensure consistent communication on sales and support related items, collaborate on marketing opportunities, and drive overall performance for their joint customers.

Impact, outcome and results

The partnership between Healthmonix and Flatiron has included year-over-year success with MIPS performance. In performance year 2020, over 16% of providers achieved exceptional performance, across 105 practices. Flatiron providers consistently outperformed the national average on many of their selected measures, compared to providers outside of Flatiron who reported on the same measures.

Healthmonix and Flatiron’s 4-year partnership shows that a successful partnership focusing on specialized support and integration can help providers worry less about their technology and more about their performance and patients.

Sample of Flatiron 2020 quality measure performance vs. national average performance

Flatiron MIPS 2020 Sample Measure Performance

Moving forward, the partnership will continue to focus on consistent communication to identify new strategies that can be used to drive performance among Flatiron customers as earning a neutral or positive adjustment in MIPS continues to become more challenging.

Client testimonial

“Flatiron Health partnered with Healthmonix to help coach our mutual client practices on MIPS requirements, walk them through the submission process, and submit providers’ MIPS data to CMS. The data integration between OncoEMR and MIPSpro is easy to set up and unlocks the ability for practices to leverage easy-to-use data visualization and reporting tools.

“Healthmonix’s attentive Customer Success team regularly partners with Flatiron’s support team to ensure any issues our oncology practices face are consistently resolved in a comprehensive, timely manner. Healthmonix has been a great partner in enabling our practices to provide the best quality of care while navigating the complexities of MIPS reporting.”

Emily Kwan
Associate, Value-Based Care Solutions Team
Flatiron Health