Educational Resources for MIPS Reporting

MIPS Policy Guides

The Overview of MIPS Reporting fact sheet condenses the most important information to know when you are starting to formulate your yearly MIPS plan. This sheet can act as a quick-reference guide for performance category weights, the payment adjustment scheduled, and eligibility requirements.

The Roadmap to Reporting MIPS guides you from start to finish of the MIPS reporting process. Whether you are just looking to avoid the MIPS penalty, or want maximize your incentive, this roadmap will show you the way! Guides inside include how to report for the Quality, Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activities, and Cost performance categories.

The stakes have been raised for the third year of MIPS. With more demanding reporting requirements and more revenue on the line, having a proactive strategy for compliance is increasingly important. This comprehensive checklist covers every step you need to take to report MIPS in 2019, broken down into sections for Pre-Reporting, Reporting, and Post-Reporting. Use just one section, or all together, to guide your practice toward MIPS success!


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