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Continuing Education And PI-CME

Employ cutting edge, interactive technology that engages learners for quantifiable impact.

The Healthmonix team collaboratively designs and builds modules for continuing education with measureable impact on healthcare professionals, while satisfying the demanding criteria of contemporary CE and prominent medical organizations. Our CE programs produce sustained gains in practical knowledge, comparable or superior to those realized from live activities.

To maximize outcomes, learning modules must be interactive and utilize advanced, intuitive technologies. Tools such as patient encounter video clips, audio voiceovers with presentations and random quizzes, and virtual patients, combined with feedback and peer comparison, national benchmarks, and other guideline materials keep learners engaged in the process and strengthen retention. Extensive administrative reports capture activities, providing superior analytics.

A properly structured online learning module fuels knowledge gains that are both demonstrable and fun, so time flies while learners gain valuable insights and earn needed credits.

Healthmonix CME Pro Suite

Organize and Track Gamified Learning Activities, Earn Credit



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PennCME/BestPractice Type 2 Diabetes
Performance Improvement Module

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