Successful ACO Reporting: Excelling in the Depression Screening Measure

Recorded, February 28, 2023 

Healthmonix-APA-Videra Health Fireside Chat

As ACOs embark on eCQM/ MIPS CQM reporting, the depression screening measure is the hardest measure that must be reported. Join representatives from American Psychological Association, Healthmonix and Videra Health as they discuss best practices and technologies for driving performance in this measure.

They'll cover the following:

  •  Measurement-based care vs. quality reporting
  • Benefits of engaging in routine screening and assessment for practices, providers, and patients
  •  Ways to increase buy-in from providers to engage in quality measures
  • Best practices for leveraging virtual technologies
  • Determining ROI of using virtual technologies


2023 PFS Final Rule: eCQM/MIPS CQM Reporting is Here to Stay for ACOs

Recorded November 9, 2022 

Healthmonix's Mike Lewis and Steven Tyson

The likelihood of whether eCQM/MIPS CQM reporting would be finalized by CMS has been up for discussion for the last few years. The 2023 Final Rule has confirmed that eCQM/MIPS CQM reporting is here to stay. Join  Healthmonix eCQM/MIPS CQM Specialists Michael Lewis and Steven Tyson on this urgent webinar, as they break down the following updates for ACOs from the Final Rule:

  • Finalization of all-payer reporting through eCQM/ MIPS CQMs 
  • Finalization of incentives to start eCQM/ MIPS CQM reporting early
  • Approval of health equity bonuses for 2023 and 2024
  • Healthmonix's process and technology for maximizing your transition to eCQM/ MIPS CQM reporting and reducing the reporting burden


2023 PFS Proposed Rule: Understanding the Impact on ACOs

Recorded, Wednesday, September 28, 2022 

Healthmonix's Lauren Patrick and Michael Lewis

In part 2 of Healthmonix's debriefing of the  2023 Proposed Rule, the focus is on ACOs. Healthmonix President Lauren Patrick and eCQM/MIPS CQM Reporting Specialist Mike Lewis will discuss the proposed changes and the impact to ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). 

They'll cover the following in an upcoming webinar:

  • The new health equity focus/bonus points for improving access to ACOs in underserved communities
  • Requirements for the transition to eCQM/ MIPS CQM reporting through the APM Performance Pathway (APP) in 2023-2025
  • Insights from the NAACOS Fall 2022 Conference
  • CMS’s proposed direction for ACOs and the APP


Insights from the NAACOS Fall 2021 Conference

Recorded Friday, October 22, 2021 

Healthmonix's Lauren Patrick and Michael Lewis

ACOs from across the U.S. recently attended the NAACOS Fall 2021 Conference to gain insights from CMS officials, ACO leaders, and policy insiders. The Healthmonix team was there to take it all in.  

Healthmonix CEO Lauren Patrick and eCQM/MIPS CQM Reporting Specialist Michael Lewis recap the biggest takeaways from the meeting and what it means for ACO participation in VBC programs. They'll cover the following topics:

  • CMS's current vision of the future of the program
  • Importance of health equity
  • Major focus of ACOs
  • Obstacles to eCQM/MIPS CQM reporting
  • Alignment of quality measures across VBC programs
  • Importance of ONC rules


The APP for ACOs: Building a Solid Implementation Plan

 Recorded Thursday, June 24, 2021 

Healthmonix's Lauren Patrick and Michael Lewis

The introduction of the APM Performance Pathway (APP) has presented the challenge for many ACOs of how to implement this new reporting framework. Join us for an upcoming webinar where Healthmonix  CEO Lauren Patrick and MIPS Specialist Mike Lewis show participants how to build a successful implementation plan. During the session, we will cover the following:

  • Introduction to the APP
  • Registry tracking and reporting
    • 3 registry measures
    • 2 administrative claims measures
    • CAHPS survey
    • PI measures
  • Changing from reporting on 248 Medicare patients to all payers
    • How to get the message out to all providers
  • Integrating your data and how that works with multiple EHRs and paper charts
  • Best steps to get started now

APM Performance Pathway (APP): How the Reporting Framework Impacts You

 Recorded Tuesday, May 25, 2021 

Healthmonix's Lauren Patrick and Michael Lewis

In the 2021 Final Rule, CMS introduced a new and streamlined QPP reporting framework for both MIPS APM participants and ACOs: the APM Performance Pathway (APP). Join us for an upcoming webinar where Healthmonix CEO Lauren Patrick and MIPS Specialist Mike Lewis break down the components of the program for 2021 and 2022 participation. During the session, you will learn the following:

  • What is the APP?
  • How to determine eligibility and how it impacts you
  • MVPs and the future of MIPS
  • Scoring hierarchies - which of your scores count
  • Reporting options for 2021 vs. 2022
  • Performance categories and weighting
  • Quality measures and benchmarks
  • How the APP changes MIPS participation for MIPS APMs