Latest Updates and Resources on COVID-19

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, particularly for the healthcare community. We understand that staying on top of the latest updates from CMS and other entities, can be difficult with this rapidly changing disease. During these challenging times, Healthmonix has committed to serving as a news hub where you can stay current on the latest legislation impacting healthcare, decisions from CMS regarding the Quality Payment Program and new tools that are at your disposal to help with the delivery of patient care. On this page you will find blogs, articles, webinars and other resources, all designed to keep you informed.

Blogs and News Updates:

Quality Payment Program COVID-19 Response- Update April 6

Leveraging Telehealth Under New CMS Rules

​The CARES Act - March 27, 2020

A Message from President Lauren Patrick​

CMS relaxes more rules around telehealth, allowing healthcare across state lines


Practice Sustainability Presented by Chirpy Bird Inc. - Download April 10th Presentation 

Leveraging Telehealth - Practice Sustainability Part 2 - Download April 16th Presentation 

Identifying & Leveraging Telehealth Measures - Practice Sustainability Part 3 - Presented by Healthmonix - Download April 24th Presentation 

Chronic Care Management during Covid-19 - Practice Sustainability Part 4 - Presented by ChartSpan - Download April 28th Presentation  

Leveraging Your Medicare Claims Data to Improve Revenue & Patient Care - Practice Sustainability Part 5 - Presented by Healthmonix -Download May 1st Presentation 

Tools and Resources:

Practice Recovery Toolkit - Added May 9, 2020

NEW 2020 MIPS Improvement Activity for COVID-19 Clinical Trial Participation - Added May 1, 2020

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