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Ready to earn the 7.36% incentive with MIPSpro?
Our integrated approach optimizes the MIPS score & drives higher Medicare reimbursements.

The landscape of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is changing. The penalties are increasing and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is making it harder to achieve a high score. Whether your goal is to achieve the proposed exceptional performance incentive of 7.36%, or simply avoid the penalty, the thresholds and the data completeness requirement are increasing each year. Healthmonix provides a wide range of services to not only help with MIPS submission, but also improve your score. No matter where you are in your MIPS journey, our years of unmatched experience provide you with the opportunity to take the next steps in value-based care. The MIPSpro® Qualified Registry and QCDR are Healthmonix’s first step in helping you conquer MIPS.

Learn more about how to improve your MIPS score in 2021 and estimate your payment adjustment with our new ROI calculator.

The Healthmonix Approach

Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network.

Gaps in Care

Address and identify gaps in care with our customizable reports. Then, dig down into disease states, provider subgroups and patient cohorts.

Risk Score Management

Optimize Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores with accurate HCC data to improve MIPS scores and Medicare Advantage reimbursements. 

MIPS & APM Consulting

Expert assistance to maximize your return on investment for QPP participation.


Conduct  MIPS reporting with Healthmonix measures approved by CMS that pertain to your organization's specialty.


Close gaps in care (and  MIPS performance) with a fully managed care coordination program for your patients.

The Healthmonix approach to conquering value-based payments

Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease through our flexible integration options. Track and submit performance data
for CQMs and/or eCQMs to maximize your MIPS score.

MIPS & APM Consulting

Let the experts guide you on what is most important for
your organization to maximize score ROI for QPP
participation and to improve patient outcomes.

Gaps in Care Analysis

Identify and address gaps in care with our
customizable reports. Investigate disease states, provider subgroups and patient cohorts.

The THe Healthmonix Approach

QCDRs/Specialty Measures

Track performance and submit CMS approved measures that are unique to Healthmonix and 
aligned with the needs of your specialty.

Risk Score Management

Optimize revenue with risk adjustment factor
(RAF) scores that reflect patient population(s).

Chronic Care Management

Close gaps in care (and MIPS performance) with a fully
managed care coordination program for your patients.

What makes MIPSpro the most trusted solution for MIPS reporting?

MIPSpro Qualified Registry and QCDR has been supporting clinician's CMS quality reporting,  performance improvement, and population health management since 2009. Our years of experience have made us the most user-centric MIPS reporting solution available, incorporating complex rules into a simplified interface that removes the need to worry about the shifting landscape of CMS policy.  Focus on patient health and improvement instead of data gathering and reporting.

MIPS Program Reporting Overview

MIPS Pro Screenshot - MIPS Reporting Dashboard

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Live performance updates allow timely decisions to close gaps in care. Our measure, patient, and provider dashboards support targeted improvement.

MIPS Reporting Quality Icon

MIPSpro is the only registry that tracks Quality, PI, IA, and Cost.

Our experts review each submission for costly mistakes based on the latest rulings from CMS. Our proprietary engine provides seamless, optimized submission and scoring.

Get quick, easy to understand answers to all of your MIPS questions from our expert, highly-rated support team.

Quality measures are available during each performance year for year-round reporting. Our proprietary algorithm selects measures to target and report for the optimal score.

Reporting  from one or multiple EMRs is easy through flexible data integration options. No manual entry is required.  

Customer Testimonials
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This is by far the best company I have ever had the privilege of working with. No questions are out of their reach and no question goes unanswered. LOVE LOVE LOVE Healthmonix!!

Lisa Lugar: Effingham Prompt Care

I ALWAYS receive great support and information from Healthmonix. Not only helped me to key in on the issue I was having, but also helped to facilitate communication between my EMR support and myself.

Practice Administrator: Physical Medicine Specialty Practice

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