About Healthmonix

Healthmonix tracks and enhances the quality of healthcare delivery to improve patient outcomes. Our cutting-edge platform provides industry-leading, SaaS-based quality measurement and improvement solutions in an ever-changing healthcare  landscape.

Healthmonix helps thousands of healthcare professionals achieve top 1% level quality reporting, while combining quality measurement technology and clinical education tools to achieve best-practice interventions.

We transform reporting data into learning and staff training opportunities, focused on delivering best in class, competitive, quality care.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of today’s healthcare through learner-centric, effective technology. We believe that technology should be rewarding, not frustrating, and we’re committed to creating an outstanding customer experience for healthcare providers, administrators, and patients.


  • Founded in 2007 by President & CEO Lauren Patrick
  • Rooted in quality metric development, performance improvement, and driving outcomes for health systems and practices
  • Located right outside Philadelphia and serving clients throughout the U.S.
  • Transitioned into quality reporting through CMS in 2009 introducing PQRSPRO
  • In 2017, introduced MIPSpro® and ACOpro® as our answer to the newly formed MACRA rules
  • In 2020, launched MIPS Cost Analytics to provide current year payment data for all Medicare patients and Cost performance insights
  • As a result of expanding MIPS reporting frameworks and the addition of new value-based care programs, in 2021, solutions were developed for the Alternative Payment Model (APM) Performance Pathway (APP), and the Primary Care First (PCF) program