The 2023 MIPS reporting deadline is April 1, 2024. 

Purchase your MIPSpro license by Feb. 29 for access to Customer Support during submission season.

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Adding Value through MIPS Reporting: Buy or DIY?

Providing MIPS reporting capabilities is an excellent value add for your clients — but in order to set a MIPS initiative up for success, you must first grapple with some important decisions. As a revenue cycle management expert you will have to decide the most effective way to assist your clients with MIPS reporting. There are three primary factors to consider in developing an efficient reporting strategy.

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Do you have the expertise to answer MIPS policy questions?

MIPSpro is more than a technology solution. Staying up to date with policy changes, selecting quality measures appropriate for unique users, and interpreting requirements are hidden necessities for a valuable data submission vendor. Partner with MIPSpro to optimize reporting for your clients without expanding your in-house team.


Can you tie measure performance to revenue impact?

Demonstrating how performance directly connects to revenue enhances the meaningfulness of MIPS compliance, detracts from user frustration, and generates real value for your clients. MIPSpro makes this connection while providing real-time, actionable insights, so users can make the most of their data.

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Can you keep up with the rapid pace of CMS changes and updates?

Between the initial interpretation of measure calculations, changes within the performance year, and year-to-year updates, staying up to date with MIPS requires a significant time investment for any vendor choosing to report in-house. MIPSpro stays on top of these changes so you can stay focused on your highest priorities.

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 99% performance success
  • Expert in-house support team
  • Live Scoring
  • Predictive Revenue Impact
  • Performance gap analysis
  • Implementation of CMS changes
  • Integration with multiple EHRs
  • End-user support

Partnership benefits

  • Designated account manager
  • Joint launch press release
  • Logo added to our preferred partners page (optional)
  • One co-branded piece of content (available options)

Direct API Integration

Set up a direct API between MIPSpro and your proprietary software to reduce manual touch-points for end-users.

Custom Branded Site

Direct your clients to a log in portal with your logo, and custom pricing. Receive a data readiness check for export uploads.

Revenue Share

Secure a discount code exclusively for your clients. Get reimbursed for a percentage of sales with 50 or more uses of your discount code.

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