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Feel secure with your MIPS submission knowing MIPSpro® validates your data using the most up-to-date reporting requirements and years of experience. Our success rate of 10.73% higher MIPS Quality scores than the national average, industry leading solutions, and world class support have placed MIPSpro as one of the largest CMS registries in the U.S.

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9 advantages MIPSpro has over other MIPS registries

The 2023 Final Rule confirms several updates to the Quality Payment Program that MACRA has mandated by 2023.  Ultimately, MIPS is getting harder and it's time to get serious to realize the true benefits of program participation. The potential incentives are even higher, but you'll need an all-inclusive solution that not only helps you report MIPS, but also maximize your score. Start with a better picture of revenue impact and ROI in MIPS participation, by using our MIPS ROI Calculator. Then learn how MIPSpro is leveraged as part of the Healthmonix approach to MIPS score improvement and driving value-based care.


Enjoy a return on investment
MIPSpro provides you with a solution that delivers a higher score than other registries and your EHR, based on our proprietary measure and scoring engines. We’ve included features that analyze all your data, find measure data that other MIPS registries don’t find, provide flexible reporting options and can increase your Quality measure scores, resulting in a higher return on your reporting fees than other registries.


Capitalize on advanced analytics engine
Our advanced analytics engine enables us to find the best reporting scenarios for your organization. Whether it's helping you determine the top measures to report, ascertain if it will be more beneficial to report as individual NPIs or as a group, identifying if you should leverage a QCDR, CQMs and/or eCQMs, revealing what may be influencing your Cost score, or providing access to EMA guidance and policy compliance feedback to ensure thresholds are met, our focus is on helping you optimize your overall MIPS score. Finally, you will receive actual score previews instead of predicted totals.


Close gaps in care
With MIPSpro, you can drill into individual patients, providers and MIPS measures. MIPSpro provides you with lists of patients that  don't meet each Quality measure. This empowers you to close care gaps by identifying outlier providers, underserved patient populations and incorrect Quality measure workflows.


See MIPS Cost category calculation
The Cost component is now 30% of your score. Our MIPS Cost Analytics solution is the first and only technology platform that provides current year payment data for all Medicare patients. It shows what Medicare reimbursed for all patient services, including fees paid to providers outside of a healthcare system every quarter. With the fastest access to Medicare claims data available today, your practice, network or clients can now anticipate your estimated Cost score and potentially make organization changes that can enhance  your Cost performance.


Integrate technology confidently
We provide experienced, US-based integration and support teams to reduce your reporting burden and drive improved outcomes. We work with all EHRs, practice management systems and revenue cycle management solutions, using our advanced code mapping to get the best results from your data. You can also track and submit performance data for CQMs and/or eCQMs to maximize your MIPS score.


See real-time scores all year
The MIPSpro scoring engine is available early in the performance year, enabling users to preview their scores before the CMS MIPS scoring engine becomes available in October. Unlike the CMS scoring engine, we allow category-exempt users to preview their scores based on their specific exemptions. Additionally, we provide the performance rate for associated measures, the Quality performance report, and the MIPS score preview update immediately every time a user saves a Quality visit.


Gain expert support behind every submission
Our experienced customer support team is US-based and available via email, chat, and phone. We promise you a first reply within one business day, with the average first response only taking 1.2 hours. For users who prefer self-service, our curated help desk provides access to policy guides, on-screen system tutorials and topical webinars.


Choose QCDRs and specialty measures
Finding quality measures that are relevant to your practice specialty can be challenging. That’s why we enable you to track performance and submit CMS-approved measures that are unique to Healthmonix and aligned with the needs of your specialty. We’ve worked with leaders across specialties to develop the most relevant measures for quality measurement and inclusion in the MIPS program. We also have leading specialists on board to answer questions about these measures, their intention, their implementation, tips on workflows and everything you need to make MIPS reporting more relevant and less burdensome to your practice, while helping you to improve patient outcomes.  Learn about our QCDRs and specialty measures.


Take advantage of end-to-end support
MIPS submission is not our only focus.  We and our network of partners work all year long to help with measure selection, customized MIPS reporting strategies and support with targeted reviews.

The Healthmonix approach

The MIPSpro advantages extend beyond that of a MIPS registry. Learn about our approach to conquering value-based payments!

Data integration
Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network.

Gaps in care
Address and identify gaps in care with our customizable reports. Then, dig down into disease states, provider subgroups and patient cohorts.

Risk score management
Optimize Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores with accurate HCC data to improve MIPS scores and Medicare Advantage reimbursements. 

MIPS & APM consulting
Expert assistance to maximize your return on investment for QPP participation.

QCDRs and 

specialty measures
Conduct  MIPS reporting with Healthmonix measures approved by CMS that pertain to your organization's specialty.

Chronic care management
Close gaps in care (and  MIPS performance) with a fully managed care coordination program for your patients.

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