FAQs: the APP Impact

All your APP Impact questions answered here

The new APM Performance Pathway (APP) can feel overwhelming and confusing. Below are some frequently asked questions and how Healthmonix is prepared to support the APP though our APP Impact.  

When can we start tracking our APP measures?

A. You can track your measures all year long, from day 1 of your agreement with us. Once data is received, you will gain access to our live dashboards immediately. Our measures and dashboards are up and running on January 1 of each year.

How easy is it to integrate our data with the APP Impact?

Healthmonix's APP Impact leverages advanced code mapping for direct integrations with Epic, Allscripts, athenahealth, and many others. Exchange healthcare data with ease and view information from multiple EHRs and practice management systems, all on one dashboard for simplified reporting and performance improvement.

Simply utilize data from EHRs, practice management systems or billing records using Excel spreadsheets (.csv or .xlsx), 837/835 billing files, QRDA I files, and CCDAs

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How does the APP Impact handle patient matching?

We simplify the task of combining patient data from varied sources with our patient matching services. Through our EMPI algorithm, we ensure that patient identifying info is reconciled, and that patient's files are deduped, enabling us to accurately ingest all necessary patient data.

How does Healthmonix prepare organizations to report on all their patients?

Our support and integration teams work with your organization to understand the makeup of your participating practices to advise how to maximize your score. Our consulting services provide the following:
     • Workflow training for measure collection
     • Data integration support including monthly extracts
     • Gaps in care analysis
     • Outlier workflow recommendation

What type of drill downs and reports are available through the BI analytics?

Our flexible BI analytics provide insights into patient cohorts, provider group performance, outliers, and more. This feature helps you detect areas for improvement and allows you to maximize your score.

The APP has three registry measures. Can we track additional Quality measures?

Yes. The APP utilized three MIPS Quality measures, however Healthmonix's APP Impact provides the ability to track all MIPS Quality measures offered by CMS in the QPP.