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Healthmonix 2023 MBHR Measures

Quality IdMeasure NameHigh PriorityMeasure Type
MBHR01Use of Anxiety SeverityProcessDetails
MBHR02Anxiety Response at 6-monthsOutcomeDetails
MBHR03Pain Interference Response utilizing PROMISOutcomeDetails
MBHR05Monitoring for psychosocial problems among children and youthOutcomeDetails
MBHR07Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Outcome Assessment for Adults and ChildrenOutcomeDetails
MBHR08Alcohol Use Disorder Outcome ResponseOutcomeDetails
MBHR09Outcome monitoring of ADHD functional impairment in children and youthOutcomeDetails
MBHR10Symptom Improvement in adults with ADHDOutcomeDetails
MBHR11Cognitive Assessment with Counseling on Safety and Potential RiskProcessDetails
MBHR18Provision of Feedback Following a Cognitive or Mental Status Assessment with Documentation of Understanding of Test Results and Subsequent Healthcare Plan with Timely Transmission of ResultsProcessDetails
MBHR13Social Role Functioning Assessment utilizing PROMIS Adult Ability to Participate in Social Roles and ActivitiesProcessDetails
MBHR14Sleep Quality Sleep Response at 3-monthsOutcomeDetails
MBHR15Consideration of Cultural-Linguistic and Demographic Factors in Cognitive AssessmentProcessDetails
MBHR16Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment Assists with Differential DiagnosisProcessDetails