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Your organization wants to provide the most cutting-edge EHR possible, leveraging integration partners as needed, to help healthcare facilities drive value-based care.  Yet, you're under constant pressure to compete with other EHRs and keep up with never-ending regulatory changes. 

Introducing REVlytix, the first and only technology platform that provides current year payment data for all Medicare patients. Healthmonix fought to be certified in the CMS QE Program so we could gain access to this data every quarter, rather than 18 months after-the-fact. We also have access to everything Medicare reimburses for patients, both within a healthcare organization and across all other providers.

We don’t stop at just providing data. The REVlytix platform applies artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, so the data becomes a powerful tool for executives within your healthcare client organizations. This empowers them with the ability to improve their MIPS Cost Score and the opportunity to increase total revenue per patient.

Help clients gain true transparency and accountability:

  • •Fast access to Medicare Cost data
    • Comprehensive reimbursement data
    • Dedicated EHR integration program

Gain a competitive edge:

  • • Tap a new revenue source
    • Be at the forefront of Cost analytics
    • Integrate smoothly with your EHR

Access to this data has never been available as quickly, or as thoroughly, providing true transparency and accountability.
It is a powerful tool for clients to increase their revenue by keeping more fees within their system. Most importantly, they can use this data to find new ways to care for patients.

The Healthmonix team is partnering with select best-in class EHRs to add powerful Medicare Cost data to their platforms. Watch the following video and contact us to learn about our integration program.