MIPS Cost Analytics for Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

Leverage Healthmonix's MIPS Cost Analytics for Revenue Transparency

Competition among healthcare providers has never been more intense. Neither has pressure from boards and shareholders, yet you don’t have access to the data that can help you increase your total revenue by patient.

That’s why we created Healthmonix's MIPS Cost Analytics. It's the first and only technology platform that provides current payment data for all Medicare patients. It shows what Medicare reimbursed for all patient services, including fees paid to providers outside of a healthcare system every quarter, rather than 18 months after-the-fact.

Gain true transparency and accountability:

  • Fast access and insights into Medicare Cost data
  • Visibility into revenue leakage
  • New ways to improve care

Access to this data has never been available so quickly or with this level of detail, providing true transparency and accountability. It is a powerful tool for you to increase your revenue by keeping more fees within your system. Most importantly, you can use this data to find new ways to care for your patients.

Watch the following video to learn how MIPS Cost Analytics are helping health systems experience less stress and more revenue through greater insights around their Cost data.