CMS has extended the 2023 MIPS submission deadline to April 15, 2024.

Purchase your MIPSpro license by April 1 for access to Customer Support during submission season.

Act fast – time is running out!


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Chronic Care Management

Close gaps in care & MIPS performance

With a fully managed care coordination programs for your patients.

A Chronic Care Management Program (CCM) leads to increased recurring revenue and decreased emergency room utilization, mortality rates, and hospital costs. Because of this influence, a CCM program also has the effect of improving MIPS performance when adopted appropriately.

MIPSpro® connects you with a specialized care coordination team that will help you adopt a CCM program optimized for MIPS performance. This team will assist you with identifying patients outside of MIPS quality standards and engage with your CCM patients to drive behaviors that boost various quality improvement initiatives.


  • Patient outcome improvement backed by easily interpreted reports.
  • Increased MSSP attributed beneficiaries.
  • Improved MIPS and APM Quality measure scores.
  • Patient outreach services that lead to better patient retention and loyalty.
  • Decreased emergency room utilization/mortality rate, lowering hospitalization costs for patients enrolled in a care coordination program.

The Healthmonix Approach

Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network.

Gaps in Care

Address and identify gaps in care with our customizable reports. Then, dig down into disease states, provider subgroups and patient cohorts.

Risk Score Management

Optimize Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores with accurate HCC data to improve MIPS scores and Medicare Advantage reimbursements. 

MIPS & APM Consulting

Expert assistance to maximize your return on investment for QPP participation.


Conduct  MIPS reporting with Healthmonix measures approved by CMS that pertain to your organization's specialty.


Close gaps in care (and  MIPS performance) with a fully managed care coordination program for your patients.