MIPS registry optimization with a trusted partner.

Feel secure with your MIPS submission knowing MIPSpro® validates your data using the most up-to-date reporting requirements and years of experience. Our unparalleled 100% success rate, industry leading solutions, and world class support have placed MIPSpro as one of the largest CMS registries in the United States.

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What makes MIPSpro different than other MIPS registries?

Report as a Group and as  Individuals

‌We provide the ability to register and report as a group and then split your group into individual NPIs. With no extra cost and minimal effort, users can decide at submission to report from MIPSpro both as a group and as individuals so that you get credit for the higher final score, making this MIPS registry extremely versatile.

See Estimated Category Scores All Year

The MIPSpro scoring engine is available early in the performance year, enabling users to preview their scores before the CMS MIPS scoring engine becomes available in October. Unlike the CMS scoring engine, we allow category-exempt users to preview their scores based on their specific exemptions.

Performance Reports Update in Real Time

‌The performance rate for associated measures, the Quality performance report, and the MIPS score preview update immediately every time a user saves a Quality visit. The Quality performance report includes category points and associated visit data with each measure instance.

MIPS RegistryQuality reporting

Intelligent Quality Reporting

powered by the unique MIPSpro scoring engine.
  • ​Select all measures for no extra cost, and select your top measures at submission.
  • Policy compliance feedback to ensure thresholds are met.
  • Actual vs. predicted score previews.
  • EMA guidance.
  • Email Quality performance report for whole practice with one click.
MIPS Registry allows for Revenue Impact Estimation - MIPSpro

Revenue Impact Estimation

  • See the dollars saved and gained based on users' MIPS scores.
  • Manually enter component scores that you are not reporting with MIPSpro to get a better picture of revenue impact.

MIPS Registry Data Integration

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network. View information from multiple EHRs and practice management systems all on one dashboard for simplified reporting and performance improvement.

MIPSpro - Quality MIPS Registry

Multiple EHRs? No problem!

Healthmonix has provided streamlined reporting options as a CMS Qualified Registry since 2009. From solo providers to large Health Systems, we provide unmatched support and adaptable reporting plans to meet your goals. We've successfully submitted data from 53,000,000 patient visits from 233 different EHRs, leading to a 98.6% Customer Satisfaction Rating and amazing accolades from our users.

MIPS Registry -EPIC
MIPS Registry -integrates with McKesson

Integration Options


Direct Integration

MIPSpro is integrated with many industry leading EHR systems, enabling a direct feed between your EHR(s) and your MIPS reporting interface.

View a partial list of our preferred integration partners or contact us to find out if we integrate with your EHR.


Standard File Import

If you can easily export measure performance data in an industry standard file format (HL7, QRDA I, 837 / 835 billing files), this will allow for extremely fast and simple upload into MIPSpro. These files cannot be edited until they are uploaded into MIPSpro, but you will be able to view and edit your data once it has been processed by the system.


Spreadsheet Upload

The spreadsheet upload option requires the creation of a standard spreadsheet file (.csv, .xls, .xlsx), either by manually creating a file or by export from an EHR, EMR, or billing system. Spreadsheets must include patient IDs, gender, dates of birth, dates of service, CPT codes, and ICD-10 codes.

QPP Consulting (MIPS & APM)

Expert guidance for all things QPP to reduce administrative burden, the impact of regulatory changes, and the effort required to transition to an Alternative Payment Model (APM).

MIPS Track

MIPSpro combines consulting services with industry-leading software to reduce the disruptions associated with regulatory compliance and improve overall quality of care. Consultants help you with MIPS strategy, score optimization, Security Risk Analysis, audit preparedness, and support you through the attestation process - stabilizing the chaos and transforming complex regulatory requirements into simple, actionable strategies.

Security Risk Analysis (SRA)

In accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-30 risk assessment methodology, SRA assistance will include:

  • A framework to establish an ongoing HIPAA Risk Assessment program.
  • Identifying and assessing potential risks, vulnerabilities and areas of greatest concern.
  • Guidance on risk mitigation.
  • A completed SRA with recommended remediation actions.
  • Facility walkthrough notes.
  • Sample security policy.
  • Privacy security breach reporting management plan.
  • Recommendation for ongoing security updates.

APM Transition Track

Prepare to participate in Alternative Payment Models like BPCI, CPC+, ACOs, and other future value-based payment models.

Workflow Consulting

MIPSPRO can connect you with ongoing chart abstraction services to optimize your workflow for regulatory compliance. Consultants work with you to understand your needs and complement existing team strengths.

Chronic Care Management

A Chronic Care Management Program leads to increased recurring revenue and decreased emergency room utilization, mortality rates, and hospital costs. Because of this influence, a CCM program also has the effect of improving MIPS performance when adopted appropriately.

MIPSpro connects you with a specialized care coordination team that will help you adopt a CCM program optimized for MIPS performance. This team will assist you with identifying patients outside of MIPS quality standards and engage with your CCM patients to drive behaviors that boost various quality improvement initiatives.

Benefits include:

  • Patient outcome improvement backed by easily interpreted reports.
  • Increased MSSP attributed beneficiaries.
  • Improved MIPS and APM quality measure scores.
  • Patient outreach services that lead to better patient retention and loyalty.
  • Decreased emergency room utilization and mortality rate, lowering hospitalization costs for patients enrolled in a care coordination program.

Risk Score Management

Risk adjustment is becoming a standard feature of quality and utilization-based programs under CMS and increasingly by commercial payers. Organizations benefit significantly from ongoing audits and educational programs oriented towards accurate HCC coding. Common provider documentation and coding errors that artificially reduce RAF scores, including diagnoses that lack specificity, missing diagnoses, and diagnoses that lack supporting documentation, can be addressed through an iterative feedback process as outlined in this proposal.

A risk adjustment audit serves to:​

  • Identify patterns where IDC-10-CM codes with HCC relevance are submitted on claims but lack adequate supporting documentation.
  • Prepare for a Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) audit for Medicare Advantage Programs or a MIPS Cost audit.
  • Locate opportunities to lower cost of care and increase the MIPS Cost performance score.

Clinical Coaching

Clinical coaching services provide peer-to-peer guidance, virtual coaching from physician experts, and implementation support to succeed in quality improvement initiatives. MIPSpro connects you with coaches that work closely with your team, helping you engage physicians and clinical staff as you implement the initiatives that address your organization's unique challenges.

Your customized coaching program can incorporate a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Team-Based Care
  • Patient Clinical Outcomes
  • Patient and Family Partnership
  • Quality Measure Performance

Coaching programs can take place in person or by use of online education modules.

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