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2022 MIPS Improvement Activity IA_EPA_3: Collection and use of patient experience and satisfaction data on access


Activity Description

Collection of patient experience and satisfaction data on access to care and development of an improvement plan, such as outlining steps for improving communications with patients to help understanding of urgent access needs.

Activity ID Activity Weighting Sub-Category Name
IA_EPA_3 Medium Expanded Practice Access


Develop an improvement plan informed by patient experience and satisfaction data, including any differences across demographic groups, so that eligible clinicians can use data-driven approaches to improve patient access and quality of care.


Evidence of documented improvement plan for access to care and quality based on collected and stratified patient experience and satisfaction data. The goals for improvement can be defined broadly or within certain population strata. CMS examples of stratification may include patient demographics such as race/ethnicity, disability status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or geography. (It is acknowledged that some stratification data may not be available). Include both of the following elements:

  1. Patient experience and satisfaction data on access to care – Data collected through a patient experience survey for a population defined by the eligible clinician. For example, eligible clinicians could give the survey to all patients seen within a defined study period. Data can be prepared in any useful format, or as they were collected; AND
  2. Improvement plan – Documentation of an improvement plan, which should include specific activities, goals, and outcomes for addressing access to care. For example, an eligible clinician may observe that non-English-speaking patients were not confident in their interactions with eligible clinicians because of language barriers. A possible plan could include using translators, remote translation services, or language training. The improvement plan would include details regarding who would be trained with timelines for completion.