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2023 MIPS Improvement Activity IA_EPA_5: Participation in User Testing of the Quality Payment Program Website (


Activity Description

User participation in the Quality Payment Program website testing is an activity for eligible clinicians who have worked with CMS to provide substantive, timely, and responsive input to improve the CMS Quality Payment Program website through product user-testing that enhances system and program accessibility, readability and responsiveness as well as providing feedback for developing tools and guidance thereby allowing for a more user-friendly and accessible clinician and practice Quality Payment Program website experience.

Activity ID Activity Weighting Sub-Category Name
IA_EPA_5 Medium Expanded Practice Access

Objective & Validation Documentation

Objective: Help CMS improve the content provided on the Quality Payment Program (QPP) website.

Validation Documentation: Evidence of user participation and implementation of website testing for the QPP. Eligible clinicians must be verified on CMS User/Tester list and be able to share at least one of the following elements:
1) Improvement input – Documentation of specific input to improve the CMS QPP website through product user-testing aimed at enhancing system and program accessibility, readability, and responsiveness (e.g., saved emails, Word document with notes); OR
2) Tool/guidance development feedback – Documentation of specific feedback for developing tools and guidance for a more efficient and accessible clinician and practice QPP website experience (e.g., saved emails, Word document with notes). Information: Office staff, either clinical or non-clinical, can participate/attest on behalf of a MIPS eligible clinician in order to receive improvement activity credit as long as they are working with the permission and oversight of the eligible clinician. This means the credit may only be applied to a single eligible clinician responsible for granting permission and overseeing the authorized staff member. If the staff member participates in an activity that meets the criteria for the credit, it cannot be applied to all eligible clinicians within a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). If the clinician is in a group, the approved representative should only provide input for 1 clinician per User Testing session. In addition, at least 50% of a group’s National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) must perform the same activity for a continuous 90 days in the performance period beginning with the 2020 performance year. This means that 50% of the clinicians (NPIs) must complete an improvement activity in order for the entire group (TIN) to receive credit in the improvement activities category. However, it is important to note that clinicians in the group do not have to perform the same improvement activity in the same 90 days.