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Pathology MIPS Specialty Measure Set (2022)


CMS specialty measure sets may be reported as an alternative to reporting 6 separate quality measures. If a measure set has less than 6 measures, eligible groups and clinicians must report all measures in the set. However, if a set has more than 6 measures, participants may choose the 6 measures that best fit their practice. Remember, at least one outcome measure must be reported, regardless of whether or not an outcome measure is included in a measure set.

Quality IdMeasure NameHigh PriorityMeasure TypeMeasure Descriptionhf:tax:specialty_measure_setshf:tax:collection_types
2492022 Measure # 249 Barrett's EsophagusnoProcessPercentage of esophageal biopsy reports that document the presence of Barrett’s mucosa that also include a statement about dysplasiaDetails
2502022 Measure # 250 Radical Prostatectomy Pathology ReportingnoProcessPercentage of radical prostatectomy pathology reports that include the pT category, the pN category, the Gleason score and a statement about margin statusDetails
3952022 Measure # 395 Lung Cancer Reporting (Biopsy/Cytology Specimens)yesProcessPathology reports based on lung biopsy and/or cytology specimens with a diagnosis of primary non-small cell lung cancer classified into specific histologic type following the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) guidance or classified as non-small cell lung cancer not otherwise specified (NSCLC-NOS) with an explanation included in the pathology report.Details
3962022 Measure # 396 Lung Cancer Reporting (Resection Specimens)yesProcessPathology reports based on lung resection specimens with a diagnosis of primary lung carcinoma that include the pT category, pN category and for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), histologic type.Details
3972022 Measure # 397 Melanoma ReportingyesProcessPathology reports for primary malignant cutaneous melanoma that include the pT category, thickness, ulceration and mitotic rate, peripheral and deep margin status and presence or absence of microsatellitosis for invasive tumors.Details

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