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2021 Measure #321: CAHPS for MIPS Clinician/Group Survey

Measure Type High Priority Measure? Collection Type(s)
Survey yes CSV

Measure Description

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) for MIPS Clinician/Group Survey is comprised of 10 Summary Survey Measures (SSMs) and measures patient experience of care within a group practice. The NQF endorsement status and endorsement id (if applicable) for each SSM utilized in this measure are as follows:

• Getting timely care, appointments, and information;• How well providers Communicate;• Patient’s Rating of Provider;• Access to Specialists;• Health Promotion & Education;• Shared Decision Making;• Health Status/Functional Status;• Courteous and Helpful Office Staff;• Care Coordination; and• Stewardship of Patient Resources

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