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2023 # ECPR51 Discharge Prescription of Naloxone after Opioid Poisoning or Overdose


Measure Title: Discharge Prescription of Naloxone after Opioid Poisoning or Overdose

Description: Percentage of Opioid Poisoning or Overdose Patients Presenting to An Acute Care Facility Who Were Prescribed Naloxone at Discharge


  • Any patient evaluated by the Eligible Professional (E/M Codes 99217, 99234-99236,99238-99239, 99281-99285, 99291-99292) PLUS
  • Diagnosis of opioid poisoning from heroin, methadone, morphine, opium, codeine, hydrocodone, or another opioid substance
    • ICD-10: T40.0X1A, T40.0X1D, T40.0X1S, T40.0X2A, T40.0X2D, T40.0X2S, T40.0X3A, T40.0X3D, T40.0X3S, T40.0X4A, T40.0X4D, T40.0X4S, T40.1X1A, T40.1X1D, T40.1X1S, T40.1X2A, T40.1X2D, T40.1X2S, T40.1X3A, T40.1X3D, T40.1X3S, T40.1X4A, T40.1X4D, T40.1X4S, T40.2X1A, T40.2X1D, T40.2X1S,T40.2X2A, T40.2X2D, T40.2X2S, T40.2X3A, T40.2X3D, T40.2X3S, T40.2X4A, T40.2X4D, T40.2X4S, T40.3X1A, T40.3X1D, T40.3X1S, T40.3X2A, T40.3X2D, T40.3X2S, T40.3X3A, T40.3X3D, T40.3X3S, T40.3X4A, T40.3X4D, T40.3X4S, T40.411A, T40.411D, T40.411S, T40.412A, T40.412D, T40.412S, T40.413A, T40.413D, T40.413S, T40.414A, T40.414D, T40.414S, T40.421A, T40.421D, T40.421S, T40.422A, T40.422D, T40.422S, T40.423A, T40.423D, T40.423S, T40.424A, T40.424D, T40.424S, T40.491A, T40.491D, T40.491S, T40.492A, T40.492D, T40.492S, T40.493A, T40.493D, T40.493S, T40.494A, T40.494D, T40.494S, T40.601A, T40.601D, T40.601S, T40.602A, T40.602D, T40.602S, T40.603A, T40.603D, T40.603S, T40.604A, T40.604D, T40.604S, T40.691A, T40.691D, T40.691S, T40.692A, T40.692D, T40.692S, T40.693A, T40.693D, T40.693S, T40.694A, T40.694D, T40.694S
  • Disposition of Discharged

Numerator: Patients Who Were Prescribed Naloxone AND Educated About Utilization at Discharge

  •  NOTE: Distribution of Naloxone to patient at discharge is also acceptable in lieu of Naloxone prescription

Denominator Exclusions: Transferred, eloped or AMA patients

Denominator Exceptions: Naloxone was not prescribed  at discharge due to medical reasons such as allergy

National Quality Forum (NQF) number, if applicable

Care setting(s) 
Emergency Department and Services; Hospital; Hospital Inpatient

Telehealth, if applicable

Number of performance rates required for measures

Traditional vs. inverse measure

Proportional, continuous variable, and/or ratio measure indicator

Risk adjustment, if applicable

Submission pathway 
Traditional MIPS

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