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New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Case Study

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Achieve Exceptional Performance with MIPSpro

Services Provided by New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists (NYCBS) are a group of community oncology treatment centers. They have 25 locations and are still growing. Their patient mission is to be “readily available and dedicated to providing each patient with a unique path to treatment and unmatched support.” They are also committed to “continuous growth; striving to make quality, community-based cancer care available in each and every New York community.”


NYCBS needed a MIPS partner who could provide support that included regular touchpoints to review practice performance and improvement opportunities. They desired a platform to track performance in various Quality measures, as their growth brought in new specialty providers who had great performance in measures not directly tied to oncology care. They also wanted more timely updates to the Quality dashboards than they were receiving with another vendor, and they sought a way to view performance by provider within Promoting Interoperability measures.


Healthmonix’s exclusive partnership with Flatiron Health has provided NYCBS an integrated solution between Flatiron’s OncoEMR and Healthmonix’s MIPSpro® product for MIPS performance tracking and reporting. The integration enables the data to flow seamlessly into MIPSpro dashboards, year-after-year, with no burden to NYCBS’s staff.

MIPSpro provides NYCBS real-time performance dashboards and additional Quality measures covering all specialties. Since the 2020 performance year, NYCBS has been working hand in hand with Flatiron and Healthmonix customer support to select specific oncology related measures, report, validate data, and improve their score.

NYCBS aims to achieve exceptional scores year-over-year and to qualify for the maximum positive payment adjustment.


Reporting through MIPSpro for the 2020 performance year yielded excellent outcomes for NYCBS. They reported on two TINs which resulted in a final score of 100 for their New York location, while also producing a preliminary score of 100 for their New Jersey location. With Healthmonix’s help, NYCBS continues to strive for excellence by taking the following steps:

  • Selecting and reporting on more than 12 measures, including non-oncology measures such as 47 (Advanced Care Plan) and 130 (Documentation of Current Medication).
  • Leveraging Healthmonix consulting and educational materials to maintain a clear understanding of MIPS, measures, how MIPSpro works and how to harness it to make improvements as they strive towards exceptional performance.
  • Using MIPSpro’s Quality Performance page to track their instances and performance, and to view met, not met, and excluded visits, thereby identifying gaps in care that could impact their score.
  • Accessing the Quality points page to monitor their required instances and completion threshold, and to review additional bonus points selected from additional high priority and outcome measures.
  • Using the NPI Analysis view to see each registered NPI’s contribution to each measure and identify if there are opportunities for performance improvement.

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