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Value-Based Care Institute

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What is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care (VBC) is a way to achieve improved outcomes at a lower cost that is being adopted by both public and private-sector providers and health plans. VBC is a shifting approach to delivering and paying for care that requires patients, clinicians, and payers to make transformative changes.

Benefits of Value-Based Care:

  • Patients achieve better health at a lower cost.
  • Providers see greater patient satisfaction.
  • Payers control costs and reduce risk.

Transition Challenges:

  • Value-based payments need reconciliation in a FFS environment.
  • Effectively managing data and reducing errors.
  • Integrating VBC practices into daily operations.

What is the Value-Based Care Institute?

The Value-Based Care Institute (VBCI) is library of online courses aimed at guiding healthcare organizations through the transition to value-based care. Learners enroll and complete courses at their own pace.

Primarily focused on implementing value-based health care models, these courses were designed for senior clinical leaders who oversee health care delivery and financial executives responsible for cost management at large established health care delivery organizations. However, the content will be applicable to anyone working in healthcare, health IT, public health, population health, or a related field. 

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