ACO PRO is your partner in closing patient care gaps.

What is ACO PRO?

ACO PRO is a platform that combines years of quality and cost analysis expertise with the knowledge of the ACO programs implemented by CMS.

Track and report the 15 CMS Web Interface (WI) quality measures that help CMS determine an ACO’s pay-for-performance rating. With years of experience tracking measures and reporting to CMS, we provide assurance that this all-important data will be reported accurately and expediently. In addition, our experience developing performance improvement tools helps aid ACOs to maximize the outcomes achieved and reported.

We offer a HIPAA-compliant, secure solution so you can focus on what matters most: patient care and outcomes.

Together, we can increase the value of your ACO.

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Benefits of ACO PRO

Track Performance

Comprehensive dashboards from disparate systems. Holistic view of patients (cost and quality integrated). Impact of risk adjustments on cost.

Optimize Reimbursement

Proactive recognition of gaps in care. Actionable identification of high-cost patients. Benchmarking and scoring against CMS metrics.

Simplify CMS Submission

Lower cost of quality submission. Automated integration with CMS reporting. Reduction of missed and erroneous data.

Drive Growth

Realtime analytics provide actionable insights during the year, not after!

Why Choose ACO PRO?

Best in Industry Success Rate :

Healthmonix Quality PRO Suite (99.5%)
EHR Based Reporting (88%)
Claims Based Reporting (55%)

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