ACOPRO is your partner in closing patient care gaps

What is ACO PRO?

ACO PRO is a platform that combines years of quality and cost analysis expertise with the technology to simplify data aggregation for ACOs.

Our platform provides a comprehensive solution to support ACOs as they track and report the necessary quality metrics, while also tracking cost for a 360 view of patients and care. We leverage data stored in all your disparate systems, bringing it together to create meaningful insights.

Together, we can increase the value of your ACO.

Benefits of ACO PRO

Track Performance

Comprehensive dashboards pull data from disparate systems for a holistic view of patients. Cost and quality integrated, including impact of risk adjustments on cost.

Optimize Reimbursement

Proactively recognize gaps in care with benchmarking and scoring compared against CMS metrics, for actionable identification of high-cost patients.

Simplify CMS Submission

Lower the cost of quality submission through automated integration of the entire care continuum and reduction of missed or erroneous data.

Drive Growth

Realtime analytics provide actionable insights during the year, not after!

Why Choose ACO PRO?

Track, report, and leverage the 15 CMS Web Interface (WI) quality measures that contribute to an ACO’s pay-for-performance rating. With ACOPRO, your data is validated using the most up-to-date reporting requirements and years of experience. We deliver clear direction and specific actions that will enable your care coordination team to improve patient health outcomes and maximize revenue.

Increase Reimbursement

  • Monitor real-time scores
  • Identify outliers at NPI level
  • Benchmark data against CMS

Drive Down Costs

  • Identify high-cost providers
  • Beat your MSR benchmark

Reach Your Goals

  • Patient Benchmarking
  • Develop appropriate care plans
  • Identify “high risk” patients

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