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Audiology Clinical Registry


Track quality & report MIPS

If you're an audiologist, you know that for years the measures available in the PQRS / MIPS program have not aligned well with your practice. We’ve addressed that need. In fact, you can now leverage the most relevant specialty measures only available through the Healthmonix Audiology Clinical Registry! Although Medicare quality reporting is complicated, the  ACR via MIPSpro®, simplifies the reporting process. Get started with reporting today to ensure your success and maximize your reimbursement! 

Learn about our specialty measures for this QCDR

Working with a team of leading audiologists, we've developed and implemented targeted patient-focused outcome measures for the MIPS program starting in 2021. These measures can be used to report relevant metrics in the MIPS program, and in addition can be used to track and benchmark your performance outside of the program. Measures developed address hearing loss, tinnitus, BPPV, and cochlear implants. In addition, we are continuing to develop more measures that will further address the needs of the industry. Check out our audiology measures here.

More than just software

Audiologists, through our QCDR measures, have the ability to utilize evidence-based, patient-reported outcomes to participate in the MIPS program. We’ve convened some of the leading audiologists in the country and have built robust, meaningful measures that have been approved by CMS, as an alternative to the less-relevant measures provided in the standard MIPS quality measure list. We help you understand these measures, feed the data from your current systems and not only benefit you from a MIPS financial standpoint, but also help you see any gaps in your practice that you can target. And if you have no care gaps, it validates your high standard of care. Reduce your administrative burden of tracking measures that are indirectly associated with your scope of care, gain a higher score for the great practice that you are already performing, and leave more time to focus on your patients. Why not turn quality care into your competitive advantage?

Experience you can trust

Powered by Healthmonix, MIPSpro® is a 2020 Qualified MIPS Registry and QCDR, and has been a CMS Qualified MIPS Registry since 2009. Report MIPS with confidence knowing MIPSpro validates your data using the most up-to-date reporting requirements and years of experience. Data integration with virtually all EHRs is made easy through a variety of integration options. Our unparalleled 100% success rate, industry leading solutions, and world class support have placed Healthmonix as one of the largest CMS-qualified registries in the United States.
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Live performance updates allow timely decisions to close gaps in care. Our measure, patient, and provider dashboards support targeted improvement.


MIPSpro is the only registry that tracks Quality, PI, IA, and Cost.


Our experts review each submission for costly mistakes based on the latest rulings from CMS. Our proprietary engine provides seamless, optimized submission and scoring.


Get quick, easy to understand answers to all of your MIPS questions from our expert, highly-rated support team.


Quality measures are available during each performance year for year-round reporting. Our proprietary algorithm selects measures to target and report for the optimal score.


Reporting  from one or multiple EMRs is easy through flexible data integration options. No manual entry is required.