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Healthmonix is the industry leader in value-based care applications.
Our flexible APIs, white-labeling options, and measure engine allow partners to deliver an industry-leading MIPS platform to their users. 

We handle all compliance and regulatory updates, maintain measures, and submit data to CMS on your users' behalf. Our platform gives users real-time dashboards, MIPS scoring, and performance reports, while our API provides data feeds back to your platform to provide a 360 degree view of performance. 

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+ EHR integration

Through our EHR partnerships, we increase client satisfaction by offering a complete integration solution that simplifies the reporting process, provides greater insight into MIPS performance, and drives higher scores. This leads to an increased MIPS ROI for clients and eases the burden of supporting an in-house solution for our partners. See what we've accomplished with DrChrono and Flatiron.

To learn more about our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

+ Distribution and consulting

Maintain your role as a trusted advisor to your clients by offering them the best MIPS solution. Our distribution and consulting partners can provide guidance and support to customers while using our best-in-class technology. See what we've accomplished with partners like Chirpy Bird, Inc.

To learn more about our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

+ Specialty societies and Qualified Clinical Data Registries

Measure development is at the core of what we do. We work with specialty societies to develop, implement, and report on unique specialty measures for members and offer Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) solutions. See how we've partnered with the American Psychological Association to create the Mental & Behavioral Health Registry.

To learn more about our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

+ Billing companies

Extend your services to support clients with MIPS reporting and drive improved financial returns. Regardless of the provider specialties our billing partners serve, working with Healthmonix can help increase practice performance in MIPS while reducing the burden of data collection. See what we've accomplished with MedReceivables and Medusind.

To learn more about our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

+ Chronic care management

Add the best-in-class MIPS solution to your chronic care management program to close gaps in care. Drive increased MIPS performance while delivering better care management for patients. See what we've accomplished with ChartSpan.

To learn more about our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

+ Health IT

Expand your solution offerings to include a platform and services for clients that meets MIPS reporting requirements. Help your clients participate in value-based care through a best-in-class MIPS solution that will drive increased performance while delivering better care management for patients.

To learn more about our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

To learn more about any of our custom partnerships and how we can work with you, contact us.

Featured success stories

American Psychological Association case study
Partner since 2014

Unlike other provider specialties, mental and behavioral health professionals were without a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) to supply mental/behavioral health/psychology-focused measures beyond those Quality measures offered by CMS.   

Additionally, the Quality measures  that CMS offered in terms of  focusing on the psychology specialty were very limited, leaving mental/behavioral health specialists few options for MIPS  reporting or for patient quality tracking.   

This absence of  psychology-focused measures not only made it challenging for mental/behavioral health specialists to partake in MIPS reporting and to engage in patient quality tracking, but deterred many from participating at all... read more

Flatiron Health case study
Partner Since 2018

Flatiron Health® is a healthtech company dedicated to improving cancer treatment and advancing research. As the pioneer in real-world evidence for oncology, they provide technology and services to support patient care and make every patient story count. Flatiron partners with hundreds of cancer centers, 20+ top global developers of oncology therapeutics, and researchers and regulators around the world.

Flatiron wanted to offer a MIPS reporting solution to their community oncology customers , Flatiron’s EHR, OncoEMR®, provided a way for clinicians to document data required for MIPS reporting, but there was no ability to directly submit the data to CMS. Flatiron wanted a seamless way for their customers to directly report MIPS data from OncoEMR®... read more

Featured testimonials

Dianne Jewell, Director of Clinical Practice, Outcomes, and Education at WebPT
Partner since 2019

“Beyond its user-centric products, we remain most impressed with Healthmonix’s commitment to collaborative, people-first service. This has been critical to helping our members (PTs, OTs and SLPs) understand the MIPS program and track their scores in real-time.”

Joy Rios, Health IT Strategist, Chirpy Bird, Inc.
Partner since 2018

"We have worked with several registries over the years and our experience is that Healthmonix and MIPSpro are the best in terms of acquiring and monitoring data as well as scoring performance. The platform offers our clients insights into where their efforts should be focused to improve their internal workflows, train staff, and customize their EHR. All this combined helps us ensure our clients earn “Exceptional Performer” status in the MIPS program year-after-year, which also means they maintain the highest available incentives and star ratings. We love working with the Healthmonix team and using the MIPSpro platform."

Emily Kwan, Associate, Value-Based Care Solutions,
Flatiron Health
Partner Since 2018

"The data integration between OncoEMR® and MIPSpro is easy to set-up and unlocks the ability for practices to leverage easy-to-use data visualization and reporting tools. 

Healthmonix has been a great partner in enabling our practices to provide the best quality of care while navigating the complexities of MIPS reporting."

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