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Promoting interoperability performance category2019 MIPS

  • Must report on all  required measures  across the 4 objectives in order to receive category credit.
  • Performance is measured over at least 90 consecutive days.
  • If a clinician fails to report on a required measure or claim an exclusion (if applicable), the clinician will not receive a score for the PI performance category. 
  • Must use 2015 CEHRT in order to receive category credit. Check CEHRT edition >

Changes from 2018 PI Reporting

  • “Base,” “performance,” and “bonus” measures replaced with one set of objectives and measures based on 2015 CEHRT
  • All clinicians required to report the same measure set consisting of 6 measures from 4 objectives to receive a PI score unless an exclusion is claimed (if applicable)
  • Performance based on the numerator/denominator of each measure, except for the measures associated with the Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange & Protect Patient Health Information objectives, which require “yes or no” submissions
  • Points now reweighted to other measures when exclusions are applicable
  • Two new optional bonus measures: Opioid Treatment Agreement & Query of PDMP
  • Removed 2015 Edition CEHRT bonus; eligible clinicians required to use a 2015 Edition CEHRT in 2019
  • New hardship exception for clinicians in small practices (15 or fewer clinicians)
  • Exclusions added for the ePrescribing and Health Information Exchange measures

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Promoting Interoperability Submission Options & Scoring

  • SCoring
  • Submission

PI Final Score

Performance is calculated using the numerator/denominator of each measure, except for the measures associated with the Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange objective, which require “yes or no” submissions.

The performance rate corresponds to a point value, and the points for each measure are added together to calculate a Promoting Interoperability performance category score of up to 110 possible points.




Maximum Points




10 points*

Bonus: Query of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program


5 bonus points

Bonus: Verify Opioid Treatment Agreement Measure


5 bonus points

Health Information Exchange

Support Electronic Referral Loops by Sending Health Information


20 points

Support Electronic Referral Loops by Receiving and Incorporating Health Information


20 points*

Provider to Patient Exchange

Provide Patients Electronic Access to their Health Information


40 points

Public Health and  Clinical Data Exchange

Choose 2 of the following:

Immunization Registry Reporting

Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

Electronic Case Reporting

Public Health Registry Reporting

Clinical Data Registry Reporting


10 points

Protect Patient Health Information

Security Risk Analysis


0 points**

* Exclusions available

*Security Risk Analysis remains part of the requirements for the Promoting Interoperability performance category, but will no longer be scored as a measure.

An organization may choose to submit measure data to CMS as an individual or as a group through any the options below.


Individual Submisson

Group Submission

Qualified Registry



CMS Web Interface

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