View, Download, or Transmit (VDT) | MIPS ACI Measures for 2018 Reporting

This measure was retired for the 2019 performance year. View all 2019 PI measures here ->

For use with CEHRT certified to the 2015 edition.

Measure Description

During the performance period, at least one unique patient (or patient- authorized representatives) seen by the MIPS eligible clinician actively engages with the EHR made accessible by the MIPS eligible clinician by either—(1) viewing, downloading or transmitting to a third party their health information; or (2) accessing their health information through the use of an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used by applications chosen by the patient and configured to the API in the MIPS eligible clinician’s certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT); or (3) a combination of (1) and (2).

Measure ID Objective Required for Base Score? Percentage of Performance Score
ACI_CCTPE_1 Coordination of Care Through Patient Engagement No Up to 10%

Reporting Requirements


The number of unique patients (or their authorized representatives) in the denominator who have viewed online, downloaded, or transmitted to a third party the patient’s health information during the performance period and the number of unique patients (or their authorized representatives) in the denominator who have accessed their health information through the use of an API during the performance period.


The number of unique patients seen by the MIPS eligible clinician during the performance period.

Definition of Terms & Additional Information

API or Application Programming Interface – A set of programming protocols established for multiple purposes. APIs may be enabled by a provider or provider organization to provide the patient with access to their health information through a third-party application with more flexibility than is often found in many current “patient portals.”

View – The patient (or authorized representative) accessing their health information online.

Transmission – This may be any means of electronic transmission according to any transport standard(s) (SMTP, FTP, REST, SOAP, etc.). However, the relocation of physical electronic media (for example, USB, CD) does not qualify as transmission.

Unique Patient – If a patient is seen by a MIPS eligible clinician more than once during the MIPS performance period, then for purposes of measurement, that patient is only counted once in the denominator for the measure. All the measures relying on the term ‘‘unique patient’’ relate to what is contained in the patient’s medical record. Not all of this information will need to be updated or even be needed by the provider at every patient encounter. This is especially true for patients whose encounter frequency is such that they would see the same provider multiple times in the same MIPS performance period.

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