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Explore all that Healthmonix has to offer in quality reporting, including MIPS/APM reporting, MIPS Cost analytics, specialty measures and QCDRs. Drill into our solutions and pricing below.

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Product description:
The landscape of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is changing. The penalties are increasing and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is making it harder to achieve a high score. Whether your goal is to achieve the proposed exceptional performance incentive of 7.36%, or simply avoid the penalty, the thresholds and the data completeness requirement are increasing each year. Healthmonix provides a wide range of services to not only help with MIPS submission, but also improve your score. No matter where you are in your MIPS journey, our years of unmatched experience provide you with the opportunity to take the next steps in value-based care. The MIPSpro® Qualified Registry and QCDR are Healthmonix’s first step in helping you conquer MIPS.

APP Impact

Product description:
The quality reporting landscape is changing for MIPS APMs and ACOs. In the 2021 Final Rule, CMS introduced the APM Performance Pathway (APP) as a new reporting and scoring framework for MIPS eligible clinicians who are also MIPS APM participants, and as a required framework for ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). Regardless of your organization's goals, Healthmonix provides a wide range of services. We facilitate APP measure tracking and reporting to help maximize your score. Our years of unmatched experience in quality reporting provide you with the opportunity to take the next steps in value-based care. The APP Impact is Healthmonix’s first step in helping you conquer the APP.

MIPS Cost Analytics

Product description:
Healthmonix MIPS Cost Analytics is the first and only technology platform that provides current year payment data for all Medicare patients. It shows what Medicare reimbursed for all patient services, including fees paid to providers outside of a healthcare system every quarter, rather than 18 months after-the-fact. With the fastest access to Medicare claims data available today, your practice, network or clients are empowered with deep revenue-generating insights that can help uncover new ways to improve care.

QCDR: Mental & Behavioral Health

Product description:
Healthmonix has been partnering with the American Psychological Association (APA) for over six years via the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry (MBHR), in developing and implementing mental and behavioral health measures that track patient outcomes that are relevant to everyday practice. The APA and Healthmonix have gathered together leading experts in the field to develop measures that are evidence-based, address gaps in care, and track patient outcomes.

The MBHR provides 10 specialty measures addressing many of the most common conditions that clinicians encounter in mental and behavioral health practice. This enables them to spend time focused on patients and outcomes that most impact their practice, rather than ancillary quality measures that the standard MIPS program provided.

QCDR: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Orthopedics

Product description:

Healthmonix has developed measures that specifically focus on the primary outcomes of PT and OT practices. And we have over 100,000 cases in our registry to provide benchmarking and prove our approach.

PTs and OTs, through our QCDR measures, have the ability to utilize evidence-based, patient-reported outcomes to participate in the MIPS program. We’ve convened some of the leading therapists in the country and have built robust, meaningful measures that have been approved by CMS, as an alternative to the less-relevant measures provided in the standard MIPS quality measure list. We help you understand these measures, feed the data from your current systems and not only benefit you from a MIPS financial standpoint, but also help you see any gaps in your practice that you can target. And if not, it validates your high standard of care.

QCDR: Audiology 

Product description:

Interested or looking for audiology measures? You can now leverage the most relevant specialty measures only available through the Healthmonix Audiology Clinical Registry! 

Working with a team of leading audiologists, we've developed and implemented targeted patient-focused outcome measures for the MIPS program starting in 2021. These measures can be used to report relevant metrics in the MIPS program, and can also be used to track and benchmark your performance outside of the program. Measures developed address hearing loss, tinnitus, BPPV, and cochlear implants. In addition, we are continuing to develop more measures that will further address the needs of the industry.

QCDR: Emergency & Acute Care (in collaboration with Healthmonix)

Production description:

The Emergency & Acute Care Clinical Registry (EACCR) has been developed to address the specific needs of Emergency Medicine physicians and hospitalists. With 18 specialty measures for QCDR tracking and reporting, and additional non-reported benchmarks being developed, the focus is on the needs and practices of physicians.

This registry allows hospital-based physicians to focus on quality and improvement activities directly related to the best care management for their patients. With a team of practicing physicians driving and supporting the registry, we offer not only complete MIPS reporting from one of the most trusted registries in the country, but focused support for physicians.

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